A Media-Fueled Social Panic Over Unmarked Graves

I didn’t say that.

But you’re holding yourself to invalid standards.

If north America is anything like Africa then rape and pillage was rife before western European interference.

Pure tribal interaction.

So yes, @RayAndrews , it is likely that local first nation tribes massacred each other, with no headstones.

Welcome to humanity?

On the other hand, western massacres are well recorded.

It is vanishingly unlikely that a massacre of first nation people by westerners would not have been recorded.

Welcome to the written word?

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I’m not so sure. How would you know of a massacre that was not recorded? In any case, you are trying to make more of my original comment than was intended. I’m not trying to make whitey look worse than he already is. Our list of massacres is not morally worse than anyone else’s list of massacres, tho we tended to have better tech and also tended to feel more guilty.

We know in Africa. The mfecane paved the way for the original white people to conquer and own land.

How do we know this. The spoken history and the reality.

African Bantu tribes literally paved the way for a handful of anti-colonial rebels to find an open countryside in Africa. Due to aggressive inter-necine battles.

I’m sure the original French in Canada experienced the same.

So I am spawn of that, as are most non-english people in South Africa.

I feel nothing about original land rights. It didn’t exist as a concept before population growth due to western medicine.

As I said, Ray:

“The Zulu practice was to absorb only the women and young men of a clan or village. They killed the elderly and men of fighting age; the lucky ones escaped”

This is typical of tribal war, even the Vikings and other inter-european warfare.

Note the word “absorb”. It’s rape and pillage in polite terms.

It’s just more recent in Africa than perhaps your societal memory @RayAndrews

See, my great grandfather stabbed people to death and raped women.

That was just how things worked back in the day. Lucky women, they just got stabbed with the male member, not the spear.

You westies, yes you @Schopenhauer have no personal memory of humanity.

You think you are clean.



See I am one of the few people alive who have direct patriarchal lineage in spoken form to how African American slaves lived before they got to America.

It’s pathetic.

Oh you whities oppressed us so much.

Hell no child, you need to look at your own heritage.

Shut up. Don’t speak.

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I quite agree. The very notion of owning land was foreign to the Indians when we contacted them.

Quite correct. Thus my original post that we should not be surprised to find yet more evidence of the same. Business as usual.


But you expected to find evidence of white guilt.

Believe me dude, if you’re not prepared to rape and pillage, or handle the same usefully, then you are the dying seed.

We Africans will outbreed you pale westerners.

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I expect to find evidence of business as usual. I do not enjoy white guilt it just doesn’t turn my crank.

No doubt. Europe will be yours within this century. But you’ll have to sort it out with the Arabs first.

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See @gamma247 , the reason the Xhosa tribe in South Africa click is because they assimilated the Bushmen tribes.

Where assimilated is raped and pillaged. We Afrikaans people don’t click much, but we can.

Our heritage goes right back to the Neanderthal DNA.

Welcome to southern Africa.

We mixed race southern Africans are one of the last Neanderthal tribes on earth.

Why are we so clever? Yes, we mostly avoided homo sapiens sapiens.

Continuing the discussion from A Media-Fueled Social Panic Over Unmarked Graves:

I have done many subsurface investigations over the years with GPR. More than a few were for unmarked graves. A cardinal error is not following up surveys with excavations. I saw it time and time again. They would pay a geophysicist to come out, map the subsurface, and assume what we were using was a camera. It’s much more like a fish finder and exactly like the image in the article. At best, and I know cause I did surveys in famous cemeteries, you’ll find an anomaly that is a meter wide, 1 to 2m deep. If you map in 3D (not the 2D profile shown) maybe the anomaly will be 1-2 long. This could be an excavation related to a grave. Could be something else. No professional worth their salt (and I don’t think ones in question did) would claim it is a grave and would always recommend intrusive investigations.
If you are doing GPR so you don’t hit something while digging, maybe you don’t need to find out what it is, just where. In the case of graves, with this much hype, this is a colossal scientific failure by someone or some group.

There is an old saying about us consultants: “consultants are people you pay for your opinion”.
In this case, it might have come true. Where those who funded the studies paid, just enough, to get what they wanted.

Likely there are many people itching, for science reasons, to dig these anomalies up. But right now the narrative is what those who funded the GPR wanted.


So did Saint George Floyd die of overdose, or was he strangled to death by the knee?

Actually that’s an interesting visual connection. We all take the knee when sports events start, to support anti-racism.

Perhaps that’s exactly what the copper was doing. Taking the knee. Doesn’t matter that George was underneath. Nobody really cares. It’s all ideological abstraction.

I have an idea for a painting.

Johnny, this is grist for your mill:

Proud forever-masker is now a top figure at WHO: Susan Michie, a professor at the University College London and a very committed communist, is the new chair of the World Health Organization’s “Technical Advisory Group on Behavioral Insights.” She has argued that Covid-era face masks and social distancing should “continue forever,” which her university was proud enough about to post on their website.

… from Bari Weiss.

Why do you suggest that? I’m not sure if you are serious, or if you are making a different point (like noting the absence of such a movement as significant).

Of course, some aboriginal tribes of North America did not do burials, preferring other methods. But if they’ve given up those ancestral practices up for contemporary deaths, why would they bother performing them for buried cadevers in general?

Not just westerners. Look at population pyramids for continents or countries. Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia have all moderated their population growth. The US is somewhat intermediate (compared to Europe or China or Japan) due to immigration. Africa still looks like a wide base Hershey’s Kiss, with half the population under age 15. Africa is exploding in population compared to the whole rest of the world. If trends continue they will outnumber Europeans by 4 fold by the end of this century (of course, trends could moderate or collapse into mass starvation, so that’s not guaranteed).

One of the big historical questions is how China and Africa will contest over control of the world in the coming century. China is huge and technologically superior, and they don’t have any inhibiting white guilt (or guilt at ethnocentricism or xenophobia), so once the US and Europe have fallen apart, the conflict between Greater China and Pan Africa will be interesting. I’m just as glad that I won’t be around.


Half serious. Of course if there is a suspected murder the crime must be proven. But the woke shouldn’t object since, by their values, a Christian burial is just more Genocide. But strangely, they don’t want any exhumations. That tells me something.

Even more interesting when you throw Islam into the soup.


Another interesting article would be on the general topic of media fueled social panic and political and legal repercussions. I don’t think I have ever seen a general discussion on this topic but it would be interesting to read about.

I know of several, some better than others. The “satanic panic” is reasonably well documented as is the “summer of the shark”, this most recent graves fiasco. Some I have not found any documentation are are the aging aircraft panic of some time around the late 80’s or early 90’s where media were reacting to a statistically high aircraft failure rate. And It would be very interesting to see what the companion mass media efforts were to the 2016 election period of social media Russian spam/memes/posts.

Sadly I think long times and deep pockets would be required to fund such an article and that would mean the big media and so we have an almost catch 22 situation as those places are unlikely to produce and article discrediting their own system.

Topics clearly go through cycles. If you publish something outside that zone, you don’t get any viewership. Hence media channels run with the same headline, no diversification.

Social media follows the same trends driven by the few loud voices on the platform. On this one at this time it is transgenderism. It is the most popular topic driven by the half dozen loudest voices on the forum and all topics eventually lead there. It fires up and angers this community.

It seems an inevitability and inherent in the nature of us humans.

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The topic du jour doesn’t concern me much but some measure of factual set of information in the main dialogue does. Like this story on the media innuendo regarding residential schools we see a pretty imbalanced discussion on a topic you note transgenderism. There are some pretty far out ideas like removing kids body parts as some kind of solution yet the opposing notions from our conservative past can be just as far out (chemical castration or worse).

The group think aspect of the Media in terms of what topics might be OK if they would actually research and think about the topics they were writing about. My impression of the big media outfits these days is research is about the top 3 google hits and whatever the WaPo and NYT’s says… with credit and paraphrasing of course.

Trying to find material to balance that massive mainstream influence is what brought me to the Quillette in the first place. I don’t happen to agree with everything Quillette writes but in general there is another perspective a few familiar authors, a few new ones and some new ideas to research independently.

A bit scarier aspect of the MSM though we are finding here in Canada is how in the pocket of one set of ideological perspectives they are, with some exceptions. Some of these perspectives seem far too well aligned with goals well documented from foreign influencers that gain from the decline in traditional western values. Some self awareness in the MSM of how they so often spread essentially urban legends might provide means to identify those cases and perhaps identify when those things are seeded from afar.

I suppose this might be discarded as conspiracy theory but given the documentation of the whole Russian Social media spam thing I find it hard to believe the KGB or whatever is not using other forms of media influence to try to disrupt the western and developed world democracies.