A Moment of Clarity - Noah Smith

The crisis of the 21st century

For 40 years in the first half of the 20th century, nightmare regimes stormed across the world, wreaking devastation on anyone without the strength to resist them. But the world came through that crisis, and the great powers of the time developed norms that stopped the destruction. In the wake of that great act of responsibility and wisdom, the world for 70 years enjoyed the greatest flourishing of prosperity, culture, and human achievement in all its history.

Now those norms are gone, torn up by jealous, petty men who never lived to see what a world ruled by the law of the jungle is like. We may yet reestablish the norms of inviolable borders and the rights of small countries, but this will take risk and effort and blood — the blood of the Ukrainians now the first to be spilled. The crisis of the 21st century is upon us. And we must go into this crisis with open eyes, discarding the illusions we spun for our own consumption when we took peace for granted. We can no longer afford to treat our wealthy liberal society as a fatted calf to be slaughtered and parceled out by faction.

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Hunter Biden – the crackhead son of president Joe Biden – nominally sat on the board of Burisma (Ukraine Energy) collecting $80,000 a month for selling political influence. Ukraine was the number one donor to the Clinton Foundation. The Ukrainian government is a mafia.

Americans – with help of their EU lapdogs – have been trying for years to build NATO (American) military bases in Ukraine – armed with nuclear weapons pointed squarely at Moscow. Entire volumes of military analysis have been written about this dangerous endeavour.

I’ve been watching Putin try to solve this NATO puzzle for over two decades. As tragic as the events in Ukraine are I cannot fault him for the current insanity. Putin and his generals have had enough of this nonsense.

Ukraine is only of interest to America because it borders on Russia. Americans wouldn’t be able to find the country on a map. They don’t care about Ukraine – whose people now have to face Russia alone. This whole episode was a fool’s errand.

Ukraine’s corrupt leadership was tricked into becoming an enemy of Russia. Let us put bases in your country and we’ll give you EU and NATO membership. Lots of money exchanged hands. Pity the innocent people of Ukraine betrayed by their own mafia government.

Would Australians tolerate nuclear weapons pointed at them from Tasmania? Would the United States tolerate nuclear weapons aimed at them from Mexico? Of course not.

Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

Maybe because it is mostly wrong. Germany always has, does now, and will for the foreseeable future veto Ukrainian membership in NATO. Has there ever been any real threat that NATO was going to attack Russia? Yes the Russians are paranoid and it seems to me there was no reason not to give them a guarantee of Ukrainian neutrality. Who cares? What matters is preventing war. As to mafia governments, that sounds like Putin to me.

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Is the sky blue? Do fish swim? Is the pope a communist? Placing military bases all around Russia is not a demonstration of friendship and cooperation. NATO won’t stop until it has destroyed Russia.

I don’t doubt for a second that Putin is connected to the Russian mafia. But have you ever heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop or Nancy Pelosi’s miraculous stock trades?

No point in playing pots and kettles. You can find as much corruption as you want anywhere you care to look for it. But no, I think NATO has always been a defensive organization. If Russia were to become a genuine democracy there is no reason at all for the West to want to attack Russia. So long as they are open for business the globalist plutocrats have everything they want. Dunno, maybe their oligarchs are not invited to Davos? Perhaps there’s some tiff between the oligarchs and the rest of the global plutocracy? Other than that, I can’t think of a profit motive for destroying Russia. Europe gets their gas, what more is to be wanted? Nuts, if it were up to me Russia would be invited to join NATO.


it was a defensive organization but it has been repurposed. It is now the military arm of Woke Inc.

Do you think NATO will stop at Russia? Of course not, and China knows it.


Ah. I didn’t know that the wokies had a military arm. Fighting for personal pronouns and trannie rights and DIE are they? My experience with wokies and snowflakes is that they couldn’t fight their way out of a safe-space. If grownups would just stop listening to their tantrums they would have as much power as a spoiled child – which they are. Wokies on the font lines? No, sorry. Wars are fought in the service of Big Money, not silly ideologies. Woke is a diversionary tactic. NATO has no intentions of starting a war, it would be bad for business. Ok Grumman would do well, but MacDonald’s and Coke would do poorly.

Monty Python would have fun showing us a battalion of SJWs in a real war. Come on Alex you’re better than this.

BTW one nice thing about globalism is that the whole world are now Facebook and Amazon customers, that means that any war kills customers. Nope, it’s only pre-modern barbarians like Putin who actually want wars anymore. He wants to hold territory when what the Western plutocrats want is to expand their markets – they couldn’t care less about borders.


More on that from Lee Smith here

Playing a fool’s game.


More "they made me do it BS.

Yes, Putin wants to prevent NATO from expanding to Russia’s border. But the larger answer is that he finds the U.S. government’s relationship with Ukraine genuinely threatening.

Too late, NATO has already expanded to Russia’s border.

Ukraine’s problem was they weren’t tied to the US and NATO, countries that are, like Poland and the small Baltic states are, and are safer for it.

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Very good article, thank you. I agree with pretty much all of it.

It would be interesting to know in more detail how the Europeans factored into this mess. They were just as manipulative as the US.

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