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City Hall is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood, ground zero of the city’s drug and homelessness crises. Ordinarily, the awe-inspiring symbol of rebirth is surrounded by syringes, excrement, and half-alive bodies. November 6, however, was no ordinary day. Police diverted traffic while red carpets covered the stairs. Vogue attests that the party proceeded as planned. No amount of human misery can ruin the matrimony of the local petroleum princess, certainly not the kind of misery that the political machine allows to persist right under its nose.

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There’s no longer a pretence that the modern elite are the successors to the royalty of another era. But they have even less concern for the well-being ofm the ‘subjects’.


To be blessed by Madame Speaker herself tho. Truly holy matrimony.


Vulgar doesn’t begin to describe this whole atrocity. It was the wedding equivalent of flying private jets to the climate conference: brazen, careless, hypocritical, and full of contempt for the non-petroleum heiresses and friends.


Of course, the word vulgar historically refers to the behavior of the common polloi. In that old sense, this was hardly vulgar. We need a new word, to describe stuff which exceeds the bounds of hubris There is a good deal of hubristicism in here, the deliberate worship of hubris.

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So apparently “vulgar” really doesn’t describe the atrocity of the event :rofl: