Academic Exile, Two Years On

Thing is tho that I just got a new great nephew and all of a sudden the future started to matter more. Could it be that when whitey stopped having kids, he stopped having a reason to protect the future?


Just as true the other way around…power is, always and everywhere, convertible into wealth…either directly, or via in-kind benefits, as with the special stores available to the Soviet Nomenklatura or the private jets and limousines available to American senior government officials.

This post & discussion reminded me of something I wrote several years ago, so to avoid posting an excessively-long comment, I posted it at Chicago Boyz: The Dictatorship of Theory.


but like preachers believing that their salvation lies in getting people to accept the One True Doctrine

Fundamentalism. One not only lives for the doctrine, one lives within it – all that noise and dirt and confusion out there among the unsaved! Shut it all out!

I think not just “whitey” [why do you like such terms?] but everybody. From a sociobiology point of view, when forming stable, loving and enduring families and having children ceases to be important to a population then the future is not important. That idea is closely related to Weingarten’s evolutionary psychology - I think the two are indistinguishable on this point.

I have grandchildren, I feel sorry for them, I make such provisions for them as I can but the times are such that I know they are facing a very difficult future that is already ordained because we have made it so. The future is already "baked in the cake,” “the die is cast” and “the storm is upon us.” The only consolation is that judgements of the Lord [or biology if your somewhat a diest] are altogether righteous and just.


It seems that reproduction rates have fallen off most sharply in the West and particularly among whites. But sure, the same principle would apply to one and all.

So it would seem. But we’ve gotten lucky before. If not, then to use the saying: ‘what a way to go’.

Dinosaurs had no idea they were slowly evolving into birds. And universities have no idea that they are slowly evolving into the antithesis of their original mission. Evolution happens. And so, a series of highly evolved primates continue to adapt to changing conditions and situations. The prologue for the groundbreaking book History of the Human Species in the Year 8022 (TikTok University Department of Theology) will contain the lines,

“Prior to the great schism, there was a single group of primates known as Homo Sapiens. But the great bullshit Twitter flood caused a divide between Homo Trumpinonsensicus and Homo Completefuckingidioticus… The two sides became distinct sub-species, much like mules and donkeys. Homo Trumpinonsensicus reproduced steadily for centuries while Homo Completefuckingidioticus struggled to identify suitable mating partners and codify a meaningful language… The results, while hilarious, were nevertheless fraught… and the species eventually died out, unable to successfully reproduce or manufacture baby-clothes. But Homo Trumpinonsensicus, sensing their dominance, took to early celebration and suffered a great setback during a weekend of alcohol and cocaine infused jet-skiing off the Florida Keys (aka, The Spring Break of 6084) from which, the species never fully recovered. Many of their offspring were born completely retarded and they, in-turn, eventually failed to produce any viable offspring.”

Darwin keeps winning.


Ray, I pity your niece. If one isn’t moved by certain poems because “they’re just words” or by certain symphonies because “they’re just collections of notes”, why does one bother to continue living?


Might be the other way around sometimes: at least among those who know what contraception is and are willing to engage in it, people who think there’s a future to look forward to have more kids than people who don’t.

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Here, hold my beer!

(Although I note that a mule is a cross between a horse and donkey, and that mules are sterile.)

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Absolutely. It’s a feedback loop. My dad spoke of the optimism following the war, the future was limitless. I sorta expected a normal life. The under 40s I know wonder if they are going to end up starving to death when they can’t work anymore.


The author mentions “activism.” My take is that the Activism Culture is the modern version of the Medieval Romance. Back then the, er, robber barons liked to imagine themselves as courtly knights rescuing damsels in distress and winkling out Holy Grails from magic castles. Today our lefty political power-worshipers like to think of themselves as saintly activists, peacefully protesting for a better world.

Every lefty I know lives like a Republican. They have no qualms about using anyone to achieve their own aims and never live the lifestyles that they claim to believe in. The hypocrisy of the left is quite overwhelming. Especially when you see it in the upper income earners of society. Fortunately, the left always organize their own firing squads before the right has gotten out of bed.


To a large degree, the Woke notion that EVERYTHING is political power politics reminds me of Behaviorism. From 1920-1955 or so, psychology was involved in the reductionist notion of behaviorism, where EVERYTHING was reduced to conditioning. Reinforcement increased the probability of behavior. Thinking, actual cognitive processing, was not important. In fact, it was epi-phenomena - stuff that happened but was not important. All that mattered was conditioned reflexes and operant conditioning - increasing the likelihood of behavior by conditioning.

Psychology was finally persuaded to move on from this reductionist stupidity by several things. First, some learning is not based on repeated reinforcement. If you eat something and get sick, you will not eat that again. Food aversion is an evolutionary mechanism which has preserved us - we learn instantly what is bad and what makes us sick. Secondly, language learning is a human trait which cannot be explained due to reinforcement.

Reductionist notions like power-relations explain some things. But they are not capable of being the Master Key to all Important Things, which is the swindle that post-modernism is attempting to pull off.


Part of the reason behind this change is that education in the humanities is coming to matter less and less, and the forces that would have stood up for it in the past – potential employers in particular – are no longer interested.

Vast numbers of people are currently being forced through tertiary education even though they have no aptitude or need for it. Naturally they are choosing the easier options – i.e. the humanities and social sciences – and naturally those departments whose funding depends on student numbers are going to dumb down their offerings to attract and retain these hapless candidates.

The result, predictably, is a massive oversupply of humanities graduates. That makes it easy for employers in search of sensible, teachable, recruits to simply bypass the brainwashed and politically motivated; much easier than it would be to lobby for reforms that would decrease their number.


I just spilled my beer. But I almost won a Darwin Award by almost choking on it first.

Darwin seems lonely in his victory lane.

I was going to say, this is worse than Noah’s Flood, when almost everyone died, sparing only Noah and his family. Then again, an ancient version of spring break followed then too (Gen. 9:20-21).