Anti-Racist or Modern Fascism?

The South Africa cricket board decided that all SA cricket representatives must take the knee in support of BLM at the start of all international fixtures. They did this 2 hours before the second match in the middle of an international tournament - the Cricket T20 World Cup.

This is troubling on at least two counts for me. Firstly we are talking about body postures as deliberate personal/political symbols. Making these body postures mandatory is surely no different to the mandatory Nazi salute.

Secondly, tying the gesture specifically to BLM, an American movement with very different motivation and local history to South Africa, seems odd and purely political.

Interested in contrary view-points. Or even discussion points.

The single player who rejected the order, and hence did not play, has about the same skin colour as me - not white, not black but somewhere in between. Is he a hero for standing by his principles (whatever they may be), or should we all Heil Anti-Racism by decree?

[For new world compadres, ‘cricket’ is an obscure and mostly long-winded - 5 day per match - sport that mostly involves throwing a ball and hitting a ball. It is the predominant sport in most Asian ‘sub-continental’ countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It was the main sport in the Caribbean 30+ years ago but has now been mostly replaced there by basketball - American influence. The other big countries are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and then smaller players like Ireland, Scotland, and European and African outposts like the Netherlands and Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya. It really is more global than basketball or baseball - Papua New Guinea took part in this world championship with a half decent team]


It’s so weird. Anti-racism is a Kafka trap. At least as it plays out here in the US. Any different outcomes are due to systemic racism, denial of systemic racism is considered proof of racism.

Can’t win.

So I guess I’m inclined to call your guy a hero, but hope he isn’t hurt too much for getting caught inside this madness.