Astronomer John Kormendy is in the middle of a cancellation campaign

He wrote a paper about bibliometrics in astronomy that offended the usual suspects:

A paper which he is now self-retracting, and has issued this grovelling apology. He actually writes:

“intentions do not, in the end, matter”

Why do people debase themselves like this???!!!


Web archive of the soon-to-be-memory-holed paper: [2110.14115] Metrics of research impact in astronomy: Predicting later impact from metrics measured 10-15 years after the PhD

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Well he should known better than to suggest that the American Presidential election was fair and accurat …

… Oh you mean the other usual suspects.

He is not in the middle of a cancellation campaign. Rather he has submitted to one.

I don’t actually begrudge him. I post under a nom de plume for reason of the same fears. That said, its always disappointing to see. Poor guy.


“I hoped to generate healthy discussion …”

The whm has clearly learned nothing. So called ‘healthy discussion’ is a system of oppression. It’s two white male wolves having a healthy discussion with a POC trans-lamb about what to have for lunch. There is nothing to discuss, there is only absolute dissolving of oneself in wokeness. O’Brian was not interested in having a healthy discussion with Smith about how many fingers he was holding up, was he? Cancellation.

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Love your honestly Pat. We are all a bit more chicken-shit than we want to posture. Thing is that it’s not so obvious when where and how one actually effects battle. They say that Bro. Luther, tho no doubt a very brave man, also had the good sense to be careful about where, when and to whom he started spouting heresy so as not to go quickly to the stake and to actually achieve something other than martyrdom. Personally I don’t like to see people wasted on pointless solo’s.

Yet, for lack of a flag to rally round, people just end up sitting on their hands. How to square that circle?

That said, Kormendy is absolutely wrong to grovel since we KNOW that all it achieves is one’s cooperation with one’s own cancelling.