Breaking Points and Gain of Function

Breaking Points have really been killing it on the lab leak hypothesis and establishing a case that it is highly likely to be true. Even though EcoHealth Alliance (and by extension Dr Faucci) did not directly commission the research might have possibly led to a lab leak, this article detailing a DARPA proposal related to a furin cleavage site is highly suggestive:

The plot thickens, with Breaking Points yesterday highlighting a little noticed story from WSU Insider detailing a plan to fund $125 million towards zoonotic viruses and developing pre-emptive vaccines, which we can only presume would involve substantial additional gain of function research:

First, we need to ask the question- should we really be doubling down on a technology which many scientists believe is inherently dangerous, when there is a high probability that it caused the current pandemic? And second, other than a pair of independent content creators on YouTube, where is the legacy media and investigative journalism in covering a story which is of vital public interest to the entire world?

The silence is deafening…