Campus Anti-racism

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The ongoing story is that several of Prof. Katz’ colleagues have filed a complaint against the University’s Diversity-Inclusion office charging that people within DIE harassed our author by posting altered quotations from his article to intentiomnally and falsely portray him as racist.


This link is mangled -

Is this it?


Luckily we archive these things - here is the history of the web page linked in the above:*/

It is interesting to see how that web page grew with additave litany of slavehood evidence and even South African anti-apartheid action (kudos from one who was there).

I can’t find evidence of the misquote tho - altho the current web page has been completely trimmed of its former litany, which is an admission of sorts.

I’d urge other people to use the web archive evidence to provide a publicly accessible smoking gun. I don’t think the professors are all just right wing bigots projecting their own unfounded bias. I haven’t found it myself tho and now I’m too lazy.

This is why we archive the internet. We can establish truth in cases of online misrepresentation.

yes, thanks, that’s it.

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