"Covid and Communities of Colour"

A “poem”

If you want to identify with the victims of human existence, and insist on doing so according to your melanin levels, then have at it.

I would humbly suggest that cutting your hair, getting a job, learning to deal effectively with fellow humans, might just be a more fruitful endeavour.

You can never win the victimhood games personally. Just trust me on this.

I did enjoy the poetry.

I urge you to seriously consider exactly what “communities of colour” really means in any real sense outside of your fairly precious head space.

What you really mean is non-white people. But do you include the Irish or the Jews in that? Non-wasps?

Are Asian people included in “communities of colour”? Or are they now excluded cos they are “white adjacent”?

It really is drivel, if you dig too deep. You do know that (white) Jews were gassed en-masse? You do know that (white) Christians were burned at the stake for their progressive (protestant) beliefs.

You do know that slavery was just common African cultural practice, which made it easy for the Europeans to take it to a new level with sea-faring ships?

Pah, victimhood. All you got is Tuskegee. LOL