Covid mandates and colleges

While the Covid hysteria has died down in most places the hysteria continues to rage in US colleges and universities and New York City public schools.

Here’s a petition from students at the University of Chicago against mandatory Covid vaccines and boosters. I find it convincing.


In a recent Breaking Points segment, research was highlighted which showed that for the 16 to 22 age bracket, risks of hospitalisation from Covid were 0.3 per 100,000, whilst risks of myocarditis from booster shots was 10 per 100,000- and this is before one considers that booster shots are unlikely to significantly lower the risks of myocarditis from subsequently getting Omicron! I think the source Breaking Points used was research highlighted by Dr Vinay Prishad- who does a reasonably decent job of balancing scepticism with science.

It makes sense though that this movement would emerge at the university ‘where fun goes to die’. I imagine it’s exactly the type of university conservatives are willing to pay their kids substantially more to attend :slight_smile:


U. of Chicago is generally thought of as the peer or better of any university in the US.


Well it certainly beats a degree from one the elite East Coast universities, where a woke indoctrination also seems to be a compulsory requirement.

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I read somewhere that, on average, the further left you are the more afraid of COVID you are. If that’s true, then given the huge left-wing skew in Higher Ed (and all other Ed, for that matter), these mandates are no surprise.

It’s not about protecting students, it’s about not alienating staff.


I think the idea is more instrumental and aimed at enforcing conformity through manufactured fear than any real fear of catching a bad cold. What is really interesting is that all of the outbreaks seem to be in the most conformist and hence most vaccinated populations. As Geary says, the risk of very bad and life shortening side effects from the vaccines, especially the boosters, in young populations do seem to equal or exceed any risk from the disease itself.

Who can explain what is going on in Shanghai?

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I agree that many on the left have over-reacted to the threat posed by COVID, but some on the right have under-reacted – by, for example, refusing to get vaccinated. Society has borne the costs of both. If not for the distorting effects of polarization and culture wars we might have responded appropriately.

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Even more reason why these booster mandates are bullshit.

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Oh, Johnny. Did you really return after your oh-so-dramatic exit just to make these anti-vax arguments again? I seem to recall you begging to be released from your QC bondage just weeks ago, yet here you are asking for more. Did Claire refuse to refund your subscription fee?


No but I figured out how to toggle it on and off myself. Everything under billing was listed vertical but the unsubscribe button was off to the side off the screen.

Ah. So you’re back because … ?

I wanted to tussle with Silhouette. She seemed fun.


Fair. @Silhouette is a worthy adversary – way more reasonable than the other recent arrival.


OMG, did I guess right when I joined the control group? Does vaccine fixation syndrome (VFS) explain what is going on in Shanghai?

Since we’re on Doomsday scenarios here’s something from ZeroHedge in the field of economics that strongly suggests the governing kakistocracy of the West couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the bottom:

Meanwhile, it’s been 10 days since we had a COVID-positive patient in-house at midnight census. Here’s midnight COVID census since the very start of the pandemic:


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By that you mean choosing not to take the mRNA thing? I think you probably did.

Anecdote time. I live in a household with even number of vaxxed and unvaxxed people. The vaxxed seem to be sicker for longer than the unvaxxed.

I told my kid and three of his friends I’d take them to an arcade. But we only took two of those friends because one kid got covid and wasn’t allowed to go. The kid that got covid was the only one of the four boys who is vaccinated against it.

No, I’m completely un-vaxed and on the fresh air, sunshine, vitamin D and weight loss regime as per our old friend RW.

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No I mean I think you probably did make the right choice.

Pfizer identified Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease as a potential risk. It took a FOIA suit to have them release this well after most people got jabbed. The media they pay for worked to make anyone who spoke about VAED being a potential risk out to be some kind of crazy person.

@S.Cheung you said it was ridiculous to think vaccines could enhance the disease. What do you think of Pfizer acknowledging this as a potential risk? Do you think that ethically speaking they should have told people beforehand instead of paid the MSM to cover it up?

Apparently that really is a risk for all vaccines. And a few have been removed because of it. I honestly didn’t know that. Learned something new.

Checking through the docs as best I can, it appears that Pfizer found no evidence of it. Is that inaccurate?