Critics v audience rating disparity on rotten tomatoes

anyone who listens to jordan peterson’s podcast will know he described how one could test a hypothesis suggested by guest adam corolla (around the 1 hour mark i think): Is there a disparity between critics and audience ratings that is reliably correlated with the perceived politics of the film (ie do critics try to tank films that are not politically correct eg adam corolla’s film ‘no safe spaces’). It would be interesting to see this in quillette if JP doesnt follow thru. It’s easy to identify a usable dataset eg there is one on kaggle: Rotten Tomatoes movies and critic reviews dataset | Kaggle just need merge the 2 csv files on the id number and calculate the difference between ratings. I hope someone does it, would be quie revealing i suppose, i havent got the time eg labelling the director/film as left or right would be arduous