Does covid-19 Travel Through TIME!?

The SARS-COV-2 virus is undoubtedly the most advanced and intelligent virus we have ever been up against. It knows when one is sitting vs standing in a restaurant, it knows whether one is looting a store in the name of Black Lives or attending a place of Christian worship. It can even determine such minute subtleties about it’s host’s environment so as to be aware of whether the press conference cameras in the room are rolling or not–most of the time.

But Western Australia’s Premiere Mark McGowan has recently suggested that the virus has the ability to travel backward through time, saying that there’s evidence to support WA’s surging hospital cases are “some sort of delayed reaction to Covid.”

WA is one of the most isolated and least Covid affected areas in the world. They have had virtually zero covid. Indeed all of isolated Australia has yet to experience the full weight of this pandemic. They are still waiting for it to arrive. And yet WA is somehow suffering a delayed reaction.

Current understanding of how time generally works says that delayed reactions usually occur some time after the events which cause them, so this is truly an unprecedented phenomenon.

I am here to ask you brainy Quilletters how any of this might be possible. It doesn’t seem possible to me, but I’m far from an Astrophysicist. If anyone with any working knowledge of time could weigh in, that would be great.

Some more details–this surge in hospital cases is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. They do not know what’s causing it, but evidence suggests it’s a delayed reaction to covid. They have not, so far as I’m aware, released any details about any trends regarding the associated symptoms or the covid-19 vaccination status of these patients, both of which would seem to be relevant areas to look into, but maybe this delayed reaction theory is so strong as to trump that kind of knee jerk reaction of asking the basic relevant questions. So please, could someone explain it to me?

Thanks in advance.


Pending some statistics about what ailments are taking people to hospital, should we assume that is stress-induced, either from worrying about Covid, or from the difficulties of living under the state and local protocols?


If it’s mass stress then it’s doubtful to be from living with the state protocols, assuming it’s true that WA has mostly carried on as normal with only two brief lockdowns. I suppose it could be due to the worry about Covid itself. I imagine Aussies must feel like sitting ducks watching this fear porn from the rest of the world, and the ones I’ve seen sharing their opinions online do seem rather fearful.

Although if it were stress related to covid I’d imagine the vaccine rollout would reduce these fears instead of positively correlating with these mysterious and unprecedented hospitalizations. Or, more accurately, I would have imagined that the vaccines would alleviate the fears earlier on, but with each new piece of info that is revealed about these vaccines as the human trials continue, I can certainly see how the vaccines’ ability to reduce people’s fears about covid would wane exponentially with time similarly to the direct protection they afford.

Having said all this, assuming that the wording of McGowan’s “delayed response” comment refers to the stress of worrying about covid seems like a stretch. Such an assumption seems almost as barmy as the conspiratorial theories I’ve seen attributing his stammering, mealy-mouthed words to a greater trend of blaming everything from cancer deaths to auto accidents on covid-19.

The least barmy explanation still seems to be the time travel angle. If we can ever reverse-engineer the virus’ ability to travel backward in time, then it might be possible for us to go back and stop Dr. Anthony “Beagle Killer” Fauci from ever doing his Gain of Weaponization research at the Wuhan lab in the first place. And maybe stop him from killing all those cute little innocent doggos too.

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I grant you, my dear Sherlock, that when all the plausible explanations for a phenomenon are ruled out, that implausible solutions become possible, and the impossible become plausible. Still, though, neither Heisenberg, nor Schrodinger, nor String Theory, describe a mechanism for time travel. No, Father Time, even Zirvan himself, will not permit it. Time is before all things. The world of the flesh and the world of the spirit, the duality of good and evil, they all exist only within the unlimited scope of Time. Yuri, @silk_fire , would you agree? Time, unlike the Arc of Justice, does move ever forward, never in the waltz of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

I would sooner accept an explanation in which Covid is spread by dormant spoors. How long ago it arrived in Perth, WA, or Seattle, WA, we may never know. But perhaps it wakes up on cue.

Unless perhaps dolphins understand the mysteries of time.

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@RayAndrews is what he’s saying true? Are those poor tortured dogs really gone forever?? :cry:


Actually, Quantum Electrodynamics proposes that antimatter is regular matter going backwards in time. For example, a positron is simply an electron heading in the wrong direction. I think it was Paul Dirac who originally proposed this, with follow-up by Richard Feynman.

So all we have to do is expand the definition of antimatter to include the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Or part of Australia. Or both.

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This is bat-shit crazy! But the suggestion is that the Wuhan lab was searching for anti-matter.

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To be quite frank, we don’t give it much thought. Dolphins live in the moment, we never have to ‘plan’ anything so time is a triviality. One day is about the same as the next.


No, it doesn’t make sense—but hey, neither do many other things we are bullied to accept as children. Perhaps it is God’s way to tell us — again — that we might want to stop and ask ourselves why in the world we are doing what we are doing?!

The Twitter thread linked by @gamma247 asks, what if it’s due to side effects of vaccination.

But in fact, people were talking about a health crisis in Western Australia at a time when vaccination had hardly begun (March 2021).

One comment under the thread suggests it’s due to investment in health infrastructure not keeping up with population growth. I know that here in Queensland, in the years of the most recent mining boom, immigration from the southern states was creating problem for hospitals and roads, because of the increased demand (more patients in the hospitals, more cars on the roads).

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Great catch, thank you for posting. And for reading through that thread to find that comment (I didn’t read through it myself I simply linked to the most concise clip I could find as I don’t know how to embed a video and have it start at a certain time).

With this new-to-me information having come to light, we can see the story coming together. As it often goes, it’s about deception and money. My tongue in cheek comments about deception and coverup being too crazy to consider were of course ironic. People indulge in this every day. Conspiracy is a word in the dictionary for good reason.

I propose that McGowan doesn’t want people knowing his bungling of the health budget has resulted in insufficient care, so he has to spin it as some kind of unknown boogeyman out of left field instead of the predictable outcome that it is. He ludicrously uses covid-19 as a scapegoat, which is the style at the time. He throws Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria under the bus as a means to further cover his bungling and say “see, its not just us, we’re not so bad.” He then unveils his new budget (which should have been implemented much earlier) to make himself look like the hero of the day.

But he doesn’t come across as much of a hero in his mannerisms. At the risk of being accused of making a fallacious appeal to authority, detecting fraud is a major part of my line of work. I will admit it may make me overly suspicious of people at times, but more often than not (much more, in the work environment) my suspicions are eventually proven correct. Very rarely are they actively disproven. I can count those instances on one hand.

When I watch Mark McGowan speak, he does not come across as confident at all. His stuttering and stammering increases to the point where he says “delayed reaction to Covid,” and if you watch you’ll notice he pauses before “Covid” and then says it more loudly than he does the other words, like hesitating before ripping off a bandaid (is that a quick burst of an audible sigh at the end of the word covid or is there some other sound going on with the mic?). It’s not something he felt comfortable or confident saying. It’s not something he wanted to say. My opinion is that he was told say it, as a part of a script. He doesn’t believe it himself, it’s as clear as day. But it’s even more hesitant than your average lie to save face. The defeat in his voice is palpable. By saying that line, he has defeated (or conquered, if you’re a glass half full kind of guy) himself.

What are the practical implications of this weaseling? Covid is blown out of proportion, for one. A trend that’s been happening from the very beginning. Also, people come to doubt the vaccine even more than they already do (this revelation about the inadequate helath budget doesn’t preclude vaccine side effects contributing to these hospitalizations–things are always multifaceted) This kind of self-interested dishonesty is precisely what is driving the divide that I speak of in my other thread. People get swept up in it like an unstoppable storm. It’s my belief that we have suppressed this natural tribalism (in regards to culture and religion) so far down in our psyches in an attempt to be good, pure, tolerant people that it is now erupting out through the seams. I foresee even worse times ahead.