Furin Cleavage site and DARPA

2018 proposal to DARPA detailing the use of a furin cleavage site with which to infect bat populations- exactly the same furin cleavage site found in COVID-19. It looks a lot more like EcoHealth Alliance created COVID-19 and Dr Fauci probably knew about it.


I went looking to see what the authors of a paper like this

have to say about this document. Here’s one of them:

In tweet 8, he says that the proposed release into bat populations would have been nonreplicating viruses meant to endow immunity. That is, similar to standard vaccines that use nonreplicating viruses, except in this case the ‘vaccine’ is spread through the air.

From tweet 15 forwards, he discusses the proposed modifications to replicating viruses. The idea was to look for cleavage sites in viruses that deviate from sequences believed to be optimal, replace them with the optimal sequence, and see if it did indeed improve their replication.

Even Stuart Neil thinks this was a dubious idea, but says the work was to be done in Baric’s lab in USA, not in Wuhan.

Also, he doesn’t mention it in that thread, but by my understanding, the proposal involved modifying SARS-CoV1. SARS-CoV2 belongs to the same family but differs in many respects.

So this grant proposal, which was turned down, but dates from just one year before Covid, is certainly a deeper glimpse into the world of bat-virus genetic experiments, but doesn’t yet give us all the pieces.

… I just checked Yuri Deigin and Alina Chan to see their thoughts.

Deigin mentions some recently announced bat viruses from Laos (humorously codenamed BANAL) which are now the closest known natural viruses to Covid, and suggests that Covid could be an entirely natural virus which was then given just a FCS (furin cleavage site) modification.

Chan adds that Wuhan is known to have performed some kind of enhancing modification on SARS1, and wanted to try it with MERS.

… In this thread, Neil says he can’t see why anyone would add an FCS to a virus that didn’t already have it.

… So perhaps the leading version of lab-leak theory now, is that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had some virulent viruses that weren’t in the public sequence databases (e.g. perhaps something collected from the “Mojiang cave”); decided to add or enhance a furin cleavage site, as part of an experimental protocol similar to this 2018 proposal; and screwed up.

What’s interesting is that there is something of a convergence here, between natural origin / lab leak of unmodified virus / lab leak of modified virus. According to the natural origin theory, Covid is simply a natural virus that is not in the public databases. On the other hand, even if the virus is modified, it must be a modification of a natural virus that is not in the public databases. And the focus on furin suggests that the modification could be a single, simple thing.