Gender Ideology’s True Believers

In my time reading here I have found most commenters to be reasonable in their opinions and views. Extremely bigoted views seem to be in the minority.

A loud and obnoxious minority, true. But still a minority.


I hold the same line here as I do on abortion. If they are “deluded psychotics”, then I fully support their medical sterilization through hormone therapy and reconstructive surgery. My hope is that these ‘cults’ of trans activists, if they haven’t already aborted their own progeny, will pressure them into transitioning to validate their views and then we have a similar termination of that genetic line.

The more open we allow trans / abortion to be, and the more funding we put into allowing abortions and medical transitions to occur, the faster that behavior gets trimmed from the gene pool. Sometimes the solution to a ‘problem’ is acceleration.


This is a great observation and one that I really struggle with. We have a war on women on so many fronts!
To be a successful woman you should be indistinguishable from a successful man. You must want the same career, the same work/life balance/ the same everything. To do so you should chemically adjust your body with birth control, delay motherhood, and work in engineering (etc.)
BUT as the author notes, when you are a woman who is indistinguishable from a successful man, you never really were a woman, you were a Transman.

It’s an Aristotelian view of women as just inferior to men and strong women were really just men.

It’s telling that their attacks on Feminists through the term TERF is an attack on the actual concept of feminine.

Why so much hostility, from the left primarily, against the feminine? It’s worse than what we think as traditional misogyny because at least traditional misogynists believed the feminine was worth something!


If the trans delusion was permanent, I would see your point. But it is not. It’s a phase, for 90%. During the phase, they cut off healthy breasts and dicks due to their delusion.

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Perhaps the author is understandably suffering from transference from her cult experience & is now liberally applying Maslow’s hammer given the very tenuous connections she is making with Lifton’s theory of totalism. Conflating pushback/criticism over relentless misinformation & slur campaigns against the transgender community with ‘millieu control’ is a hellava reach. Let’s not forget the mode of the communication in question usually being twitter doesn’t exactly lend itself to polite discourse. Death/rape & other threats are a dime a dozen even for the most innocuous comments & aren’t taken seriously. Habitual cry bully offenders like JK Rowling regularly employ inflammatory provocations on twitter & when the desired results appear (& they will if you have a whopping 14million followers) gleefully repost for purposes signal boosting the ‘trans people are a degenerate & dangerous threat to women’ fallacious trope. Anyone genuinely interested in approaching this topic critically isn’t doing so in good faith if they use twitter.

Cults are often invoked as a form of delegitimisation & here’s a little retweet from a trans person on reddit who breaks down it’s exploitation of usage:

"I think if used as a rhetorical tool, calling trans communities a cult is a way of reinforcing the idea that any discourse on trans issues (especially between trans people) is indoctrination, and that it is something you need to protect people from. It presents information about trans issues shared by trans people as something dangerous to listen to, and something you don’t have to believe or consider, since it is just “lies for the sake of power”. In a lot of ways it seeks to shut down the discourse on trans rights witout even participating, by seeking to undermine the credibility of anything expressed by trans people. That way they don’t have to argue with us on the actual science, or our actual experiences and needs, they just have to say it’s dangerous to listen to us because we’re either manipulative liars who’d say anything, puppets or fools. And that all experts on our side are equally duped or culpable. They can also feel justified in “protecting” people from participating in trans related communities or activities, even if it causes these people to suffer, because it is “for their own good”, and the suffering can be interpreted as signs that they have already been “programmed” by the cult and need even more “protection”, or even “deprogramming” (which is not even recommended for actual cult members).

I don’t think that everyone who says the trans community is a cult is knowingly doing these things, a lot of rhetorical tools are used fairly instinctually after all, and in individual cases it might just reflect a person’s only way to make sense of what they’re seeing (which I would guess is some version of “a lot of people participating in behaviour I can’t understand because of an idea I find absurd, so I don’t know how they can believe it”). But the associations it feeds are not harmless."


The entire trans-debate is a non issue taking up way too much oxygen. Trans people have as much right to their lives as anyone else, and no more. They are not exceptional.


Far too totalitarian for me.

Telling the truth is not a phobia. Among mammals there are exactly two sexes.

Using the dictionary like I do:



  1. The attitude, state of mind, or behavior characteristic of a bigot; intolerance.
  2. The character or mode of thought of a bigot; obstinate and unreasonable attachment to a particular creed, opinion, practice, ritual, or party organization; excessive zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect, or opinion; intolerance of the opinions of others.
  3. Synonyms Credulity, Fanaticism, etc. (see superstition), narrow-mindedness, prejudice, intolerance.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Our ruling class knows that it is the most educated, evolved, compassionate, just, scientific, expert, and generous ruling class that ever ruled on this planet. It has developed a political formula (a notion in Gaetano Mosca’s Ruling Class) first properly enunciated by Karl Marx in which the rulers are the committted “allies” of the poor and oppressed. Some of us like to call this an “over/under” formula, where the ruling class advocates for the lower class against the brutal oppressor thugs in the middle class.

The way that the rulers execute on their political formula is through an Activist Culture. The highest and best thing for a ruling class supporter is to be an activist and advocate for the oppressed. You may have noticed that there is no shortage of volunteers for this holy task.

But what oppressed and where?

Perfectly simple. First the oppressed was the working class of the industrial revolution and then, following the recommendations of the Frankfurt School, racial minorities and women. Oh, the suffering of those marginalized groups! Oh the joy of fighting for them! Oh the bending of the arc of history towards justice!

It really doesn’t matter who the oppressed peoples are. If the rulers say they are oppressed they are oppressed, and don’t you raise a finger against the rulers if you know what is good for you.

In our day, we have gone beyond advocating for the desperate plight of workers and women and gays and lesbians to transgenders and anything else that activists can dream up. Everyone of them is desperately marginalized and, but for the intercession of the activists, would be… well, suffering a fate worse than death at the hands of the white middle class violent extremists.

Of course, the whole point of this has nothing to do with the marginalized, but rather to give the lives of well-born activists meaning and status. What is the point of being well-born and educated and evolved and expert unles you can convert all that breeding and education and evolution and expertise into status.

And if you are a government employee or an NGO functionary you know that your bread and butter and mortgage payments depend on serving the activist fashion du jour with passion and commitment. That’s why all the government schools are 100 percent committed to winkling out bigoted parents and anyone else that cocks a snook at the latest activist enthusiasm.

By the way, the white working class that, experts agree, is dying of despair need not apply. It had its turn in the victim spotlight a century ago, and it’s time to step aside and allow newer and fresher victims to benefit from the benevolent advocacy of the activists.


Just did the unthinkable, liked a Bella post. Did not do it because the post was good, because i’m not sure it was, but because it unintentionally? offered very good advice, namely doubt everything, do not jump to concluding that a “victim” is a victim just because other people say so. Do not jump to any conclusions, and don’t rush to believe people who claim they “woke” up from one cult, only to fall in the clutches of the opposite cult, and of course the most common sense advice, stay away from twitter. If you read it right, Bella’s post is good, wonder if she intended it that way though :stuck_out_tongue: , because you can also read it as her usual apologetic position for everything woke.

Your whole post shows signs of serious confusions and conspiracy theory hallucinations, but here you made a very serious mistake so i can’t let it go.
To the Frankfurter school of philosophy we owe the Critical Theory (please note the caps), because that’s the mother of critical theories and it was originally dealing with the fight of the people under conditions of domination and oppression. As such it claimed (wrongly in my opinion) it was a Marxist theory.
This initial Critical Theory, gave birth to offshoot secondary critical theories like feminism (which is a critical theory) and of course the ubiquitous CRT.
It was not the Frankfurter school of philosophy that proposed women and racial (min)majorities as the “oppressed”, it was the feminist movement that spread the original Critical Theory to everything under the sun.
To their merit, the original Critical Theory creators, were aware of the dangers posed by their own theory, so they stated that every claim of oppression and domination should be addressed individually and with plenty of evidence…which obviously the critical gender theorists (aka the feminists) never respected.

EDIT: would like to add something else.
All critical theories, including the parent one, historically lead to the same results, namely the creation of virtual demons that the radicalized adepts of the theories fought holly wars against.
The original critical theory created the demon called the high (rich) class, the corporations that were the mother of all evil on earth and had to be fought tooth and nail, Ulrike Meinhoff was a victim and a living example of this new form of radicalism.
The critical gender theory created their own demon, the patriarchy.
The CRT created their own demon, the systemic racism.
The intersectionality of these theories created the white hetero-male class, the enemies of everything.
From what i’ve seen so far, all critical theories lead to radicalism and unhealthy ideologies and concepts.


Hardly - it’s important for me to know the kind of people I’m keeping company with. I can’t impose anything on the transphobics here, but I can sure as Hell exercise my 1A rights and not associate with this site. Thankfully, as @Silhouette remarked, “A loud and obnoxious minority, true. But still a minority.”

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This is an absolute fact. ANY communication about “trans” delusion is an attempt to recruit some delusional kid into trannie madness. Children SHOULD NOT BE exposed to trannie crap. It’s delusional. Because it is offered as a magic solution. Of course, anyone with even an IQ above room temperature should KNOW that trannie idiocy is not reality.


Gee, when does that begin? You contribute nothing.

Your delusions about trannie idiocy are even more amazing than the trannie delusion itself. A VAST MAJORITY of people know that trannie delusion is false. They are bullied into silence. But the lawsuits are coming. I work with a group that is getting more and more requests for expert scientific witnesses who will testify against the quacks and butchers who are destroying children. In 5 years, physicians will be in jail. Hopefully trannie idiots will be in jail as well, because there is grooming and seduction of children going on.


Brilliant. Post of the Day.

Yes. The nexus of all evil. Whitey!

I’ve chastised George in the past for telling other people what they think and you’re doing it too. You do not know my mind better than I know it. I can assure you that I find George … well, since you mentioned the word, I find him bigoted – and I doubt he’d deny it – he is intolerant of any view but his own. I suspect you are too, however you are civil and that’s all that can be asked.

On the contrary, he’s the most articulate leftie we’ve ever had. If there’s nothing there, why do you keep shooting?

Probably. God, it could be the Mother of all rekonings. A class action with thousands of mutilated people demanding an assize.



For the trannies reading this, internet posts do not go away. If you are “helping” some 12 YO, you are grooming, and you are contributing to the perversion of a minor. We will seek you out, and we will find you, and you will be put in jail.


@Delenda_Est honestly does this really offend you? Its so over the top with hatred and histrionics that I just cannot get too worked up about it.

It is more like performance art.


Welcome back Silouette.


Well it is offensive (objectively speaking), but he’s clearly got an idee fixe and so I’m not gonna get in high dudgeon about it. But if the clear majority of the posters here were like him, I would do everyone involved a favor and leave.


Look, if I think you have Fascist or bigoted views, I’m going to tell you directly, count on it. And don’t think I can’t take it while I dish it out, either. But you’d better come with the receipts.

Please do. Characterize my stated views, but do not tell me what my views are. I’m not a fundamentalist, therefore there is space between George and myself. As to ‘bigoted’ … well, of course you can redefine that too, I suppose, but it is demonstrated here that I’m less bigoted than you are. I do not insult your intelligence, your character or your motives, your ideas interest me, but I do not agree with some of them tho I remain open to all of them and I’ll discuss things in a civil manner as long as you are open to it.


These are generally reasonable arguments. Including this one (above). However, there is a significant problem that the trans “community” would face, indeed, we all face and that is determining things on behalf of others. This is what we do for our birth products. And so, some parents may want to indulge their birth product’s trans “identity” while others do not. Our society has chosen the age of 18 as an arbitrary age at which time we call ourselves “adults” as opposed to mere birth products of other adults. Adults are “self-assertive birth products” who can engage in all aspects of society independently. And so, while some parents may engage in activities you don’t approve of, it is difficult to tell them what to do or believe when they are acting on behalf of their birth products and in the perceived interest of those birth products…