Get Ready for the Return of the Abortion Novel

Well said. Once SCOTUS speaks, in some states, it will no longer be legal. And hence it will no longer be safe. THe decision process will still be fraught, and difficult…and likely more so. Will it become more rare? Possibly…but also no one will really be able to know.

This will become the new line in sand. Can individual states prohibit the sale, distribution, purchase, and/or consumption of FDA approved medications? That will be an interesting one for the lawyers. And can they search your car, and your person, when you cross state lines into certain states, for Plan B contraband?

And hopefully, chatter about states making it illegal for their residents to go to other states to obtain certain forms of “medical care” is merely idle speculation.

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One has to view the abortion issue from the perspective of the culture. When sex becomes a pastime, children’s fun, then the consequences of sex become just another child to kill wontonly.

In most cultures women are protected from sex. It’s only in modern western culture that sex is a play thing. Boys love this. Pornography et al. In most western societies, college or uni is now female biased, which adds to females need to be pornographic to entice a male.

But we have the 3rd wave feminist kick-back. Sorry, we didn’t mean all of this; what we really want is protection.

Well yes, the lack of women’s rights in most societies was exactly because women are prone to getting pregnant. Biological women, not the trans nonsense.

Sex is about procreation, and society is oriented around protection both of the individual women involved and the male influence. No sex before marriage is a better rule for society than late term abortion rights.

In Roman times, parents had the right to kill their children. That might sound horrific to modern ears, but it’s the same right as late term abortion. There is very little difference practically between a late term in-utero baby, and a born child.

Believe me, I have six kids. Yes, sex is fun, but take responsibility for what you are doing.

Culturally the mostly lesbian feminists have this completely wrong. Body rights? No, this is how most feminists were born.

I think most reasonable people are comfortable with early term abortion. Even tho that is a potential human killed. Late term abortion is like drowning a puppy. You maybe have to do that but you know that it’s ugly.

So back to sex. Sex is just fun. Nothing to do with procreation. No responsibility required.

Are we all children now?


I think Ella I owe you a sorry. In another thread, I accused you of being a troll. I should not have said something like that, or at least couched such a view in very different and less confronting and hostile terms. I am truly sorry for it and I hope you will accept my humble apology. Christopher N


Hey Christopher, sorry accepted & much appreciated. I very much imagined that was out of character as you have always been so gracious & respectful despite our differences. Thanks for letting me know as it’s a relief. I would hate to think you thought so poorly of me as I certainly don’t of you.

Cheers A.


Thank you Ella for your very forgiving attitude. I really appreciate it.


You saw his power fantasies about masses of people choking and gasping for breath on the ground while he denied them help right?