Happy New Year Everyone!

Here is to the denizens of the QC! Wishing you all the best in the coming year. The past two have been no picnic, but that is no reason to think the next will not be better.

So raise a glass to each other. Because for all our irritability, disagreement, and general raucousness, we’re all here contributing time and treasure to a place and publication we enjoy. For all our differences, that is a powerful thing to agree on.

So my best wishes for a great New Year to all of you here at the QC!


Thanks mate & best wishes to all for 2022.



In Seattle we had snow and temps in the high teens (F). Fireworks were muffled. So for the first time ever I didn’t have to sedate the dog. 2022 is looking good so far.

Happy New Year all!


We were upper 50s, which was really nice. Regardless there were still few Fireworks this year. Its obvious that things were much more subdued :frowning:

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