Hofstadter’s Paranoid Style Revisited

Noice one @Ella-B: this sentence and linking Vausch and Slate - you may have hit peak contrarianism :crazy_face:

Oops! Too late!


I think the point is to show the difference in likelihood of conspiratorial mentality by political affiliation.

Um, just a few clicks garnered numerous articles regarding Q anon & the andernochrome theory. This appears common knowledge. Just a couple here:

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Facts hurty your feelings eh? :persevere:

While you position all of this as ridiculous, let’s deconstruct.

No, most Republicans are not Qanon conspiracy theorists. However a substantial portion of Republican voters are devout Christians.

Then, if covid escaped from the Wuhan lab, it certainly was planned, in the sense that it was created by humans.

Your positioning of the possible or even prosaic as ridiculous undermines the remainder of your tome.

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Why would they do that? Factual facts are good. Feelings are best left out of fact-finding. Fact-finding to elicit the truth inherently needs a wide focus.


Yes. I’m not talking about QAnon. QAnon grew from the red herring in the pizza gate scandal to put the pressure on James Alefantis and Comet Pizza to distract from the cryptic references to pizza and Moloch and a seeming endeavor by someone to tempt Podesta into attending a pool party by listing the ages of the kids that will be in the pool (9-12 if I recall correctly, but I have doubt about the exact range, so I’m disclaiming it’s an estimation like any professional writer should, even though I drive a forklift) in the Podesta emails which to date have not been explained. This is all besides my point. Smear away, I won’t contest any of it. Unless of course it looks to be another lie, like the one in this Quillette article.

None of what you are saying corroborates the article’s claim. The 22% (not 25) was in reference to something else. You don’t even seem to understand why this is an issue. They changed “a storm is coming” to (what was it?) “Believe Obama eats babies?” Then they inflated that number. This is what Quillette did.

I agree with @Mythfortune. Very unprofessional.


It’s all projection. Facts hurt bleeding hearts’ feelings. They try to legislate away the pain with DIE initiatives while projecting this pain onto normal level headed people.



Take a look at what you’ve just listed and in what order.

When I was a kid, and into my adulthood as well (:heart: RIP Mom I love you) my mom would often ask me “do you want a peice of fruit?” And I’d say no thanks.

Then she’d say, “pear?”
No thanks.
No thanks I’m good.
“Okay. …plum?”

You are putting the cart before the horse. It was cute and endearing when why Mom did it though, because she was caring for her offspring and not acting to deceive anyone.

The number fudging notwithstanding (would you always call 16% roughly a quarter, what if it benefited you to downplay 16 instead of inflate it? Still roughly a quarter?), does the source even say what percentage of people believe elites are harvesting adrenochrome? Did the term itself really just materialize somewhere between source and article?


Show me where in which of those articles it says 25% of Republicans believe it. Try to be honest. It might do good things for you.


It makes perfect sense if you understand what life is. For the purpose of maximum entropy extraction (life), there is no useful purpose in stasis.

Stasis is death. For life forms.

We are battling for human ideological power, because human society has become staid.

All revolutions come from times of plenty, not times of poverty.

We humans are no different. If there is no real problem, we will create it. The animal life in ourselves needs to fight. And it will.

Listen, I hear you. You are desperately hanging onto one straw (as you always do) in hope it disproves the rest. But it’s really time to accept that even with that straw you are done. Balance of evidence bro, balance of evidence

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Would you stop obsessively re-re-editing this post? I’m trying to quote something from it.

What is it you think I’m trying to hold onto? Do you think I wish the number of people who believe Obama eats babies was smaller than it really is, or bigger?


This is exactly why most human societies have learned to keep women out of power positions.

It is well established that women are more neurotic than men, and we all know that this is exhibited most strongly at the edges of the bell curve.

We happen to be playing a new societal game born of plenty, @Ella-B .


Does this say 16% of all Americans are QAnon believers, 19% of which are Democrats?

So roughly a quarter of all Americans are QAnon believers.

The inclusion of Dem QAnon believers here reminds us that the QAnon movement is large and decentralized. And sheer chance says they’re going to be right about some of their theories. I remember an one movement in the 90s where they posed as minors online and outed pedophiles like that show To Catch A Predator. So in those numbers @Ella-B is so enthusiastically dismissing are going to be actual cases of actual kids being abused. This is what kills me about people dismissing it all out of hand especially considering this:

Some people should really take some time to introspect and ask who they’re carrying water for and why?


Look, you’re the one who’s bringing up the gulag and the Cultural Revolution, not me.

Uh, No. That would be the Patriarchy. The Patriarchy is responsible for the carnage of Europe’s Wars of Religion, which were just as destructive in their own time as the World War was in the 20th century. Before that, you have the Age of Exploration, sponsored again by first-ballot members of the Ancien Regime such as Reconquista Spain and the papacy; and that led directly to the virtual genocide of the Native Americans. And Patriarchal values are what ultimately animated both Hitler and Stalin’s regimes, not the “Left.”

At least you got that part right.

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But the flavoring is different. Whitey’s Patriarchy is not exactly a conspiracy is it? No, it is omnipresent. But just as right/conservative minds are prone – Delenda is correct IMHO – to look for conspiracies on the left – Vast plots to Ruin Everything – the left posits The Patriarchy which is Ruining Everything and will continue to ruin it until it is smashed and destroyed. But the function is the same – turn The Enemy into a force for total evil. You have your NWO alarmism as an example of rightie paranoia – your Total Evil – and Delenda has his Patriarchy – his Total Evil.

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But the Patriarchy isn’t Total Evil. Patriarchal values include some very valuable ones, e.g. the values of Stoicism and the Golden Rule. Unlike many Wokists, when I inveigh against ‘Patriarchy’ I know what I am talking about.


That’s the point that’s easy to overlook. Are 16% ‘of Americans’ believers, or is that more like 16% of respondents to the poll? I wonder if anyone has ever demanded an answer – and got an honest answer – from every last American such that such figures might be validated?

… and we should not forget that what one ‘believes’ is more a reflection of tribal loyalties than it is a reflection of what one really believes is true. People ‘believe’ things they know aren’t true all the time and no that’s not a contradiction.

Sorry, if anything is shows the likelihood of affiliation to that particular conspiracy. Other conspiracies would show different loyalties, no?

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I have no doubt that is true. Its very obvious that you are well educated and have thought deeply about these things.

On the other hand, you consistently use words on this forum in ways that make sense within your worldview, yet make little sense in the way they are commonly used when discussing these subjects. Rather than expecting everyone reading along to grok your highly detailed and nuanced definitions, you should consider using other words and phrases that will do a better job of conveying what you mean.