If You Care About Trans Rights, Don’t Let Predators Pick Their Pronouns

Oh. Now I see how it’s so easy for even a child to understand. (jerkoffgesture.gif)

War is peace. Convoluted circumlocution is truth and all those other dumb guys are dumb like you originally thought. Turns out you were so amazing after all, from your own pov. What are the chances


If woman has come to mean nothing and now female as well, there will be words to describe the undeniable reality that the trans element is trying to deny. You will be forever changing words, but not effecting actual reality, only the mass perception thereof. You cannot escape the truth of things forever. I don’t care how privileged you are.

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But in a world where cisgender just meant the norm, they’d be incentivized to make it sound like just another category to be chosen like any of the rest who can find something in that all inclusive rainbow alphabet just for them and how right it all feels. They’d want to believe ‘cis’ is just another bs variant like the rest of the alphabet soup. So they’d have to acknowledge it and reference it by name somehow. They just can’t admit it is the intended, natural way and that anything else is an aberration. They need to make an aberrant sounding name for the norm in order to paint the abnormal as normal. Hence cis.


That was a pleasure to read.


You’ve already stipulated that “trans-women are women” is NOT to be taken literally, and to do so is only a facade for TERFs to get a hate on for trans-women. That being the case, what difference will colloquial usage make? If “popular opinion” moves to the point where “let’s take it literally”, you would do so?

Cuz I wouldn’t. And as Ray points out, colloquial usage currently does not do so either.

And to reiterate from before, what trans-activists need to do is to create a nomenclature that AVOIDS confusion. Cuz right now, trans-activists whine about confusion whilst promoting terminology whose definition is fluid and confusing.

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I haven’t said any such thing. I suggested usage determines meaning & in case you hadn’t noticed both concepts are in broad usage. There are literally thousands of words that have duel & even multiple usages for the many contexts that exist that have evolved with time & nary a whisper has been heard until they become inconvenient. And I can’t believe I just had to explain that…. :roll_eyes:

There’s this thing called ‘non binary’. Trans, as I have already mentioned covers multiple identity types not just traditional categorisations of identity. All that Johnny has proven is that he & you cant understand or won’t accept this.

Personality characteristics are more than just an internal feeling as they serve as much as a signpost for a more accurate categorisation of an individual as sexual characteristics do. And although those configurations can vary substantially they can & have been reduced to a more simplified classification system. To deny their relevance is to deny the truth of human variation. Why are you trying to hide this you may want to ask yourself?

But they do mean something otherwise we wouldn’t be able to communicate as we are now as you obviously know full well that a trans woman is short hand for an individual who is more at the extreme end of feminine personality type minus the female biology. You just want words to reflect what suits your world view. Acknowledging personality can play a part in categorisation delegitimises the delusional trannie narrative hence the resistance. This self referencing scam is just an avoidance strategy.

Not at all. There’s also non binary included in transgenderism.

It says something about personality & gender expression is evidence of such. Your examples are apples & oranges because there’s actually both a biological & environmental basis to personality types rather than just the delusion in yours.

We give deference to personality types in our categorisations to understand the world why not here?
Suddenly all this concern from conservatives for women’s rights whilst simultaneously denying their obvious abuse? See #metoo.

This whole ‘what about women’s rights’ con is another version of ‘what about the children’ one. Designed only to get the useful idiots fired up. The idea that conservatives give two shits about women’s sports let alone their liberties takes the fucking cake. They can’t ridicule women’s sports enough let alone incessantly bitch & moan about it.

I’ve mentioned this before that interestingly trans legitimacy is predominantly a ‘man fear’ given that the overwhelming majority of woman (other than a minority of past their use by date attention seeking terfs) aren’t bothered. The present concerns were never grass roots grievances from them & why would they be? They’ve actually been sharing those spaces forever with trans without issue. This is a man ‘problem’ that has its roots from feminism I suspect points to insecurity. Just witness all the wild hysterical thrashing over what amounts to personality types being included. Who are you now that gender is interchangeable?
The more threatened the man the more insecure? The more you resist the weaker you are? Perhaps a momentous growth opportunity where someone or something is trying to save you from drowning in false perceptions of self worth? :thinking: Time to evolve or die boyz…

C’mon definitions evolve with knowledge just admit that you don’t like the direction they are going in. Let’s face it teaching old dogs new tricks is more often a lost cause. And you can blame my ilk all you like but if what they are selling connects on a deeper level broadly (& make no mistake it has) it’s not necessarily coming from them but a human truth. Don’t shoot the messenger !

Trans r us…:wink:

Oh It has & you know it.

Rape is rape who does it is irrelevant.

You could make the same claim about words with multiple meanings & yet it isn’t so that they become meaningless. You underestimate human ability to apply context although you may have good reason to on this forum….

Shhh, there there, it’s really going to be ok if you share your toys… :breast_feeding:

But it’s already in popular usage & has been for ages without issue till now. Prior to all the controversy every man & his dog was mostly cool with trans woman being shorthand for a biological man who identifies as a substantial feminine personality type. Many may have suspected delusion but they were still able to obtain functional meaning from the term. It’s only since the ginning up from terfs & conservatives that there’s been confusion to purposely discredit the growing acceptance that comes from moving away from an assumption of delusion to the legitimacy of personality.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Could you expand?

More willful blindness than confusion…

I suspect you would be much surprised by the reactions towards this issue in places that are less provincial. In the nation where I live, I can assure you, there is literally no purchase of this “new” idea. Men are men, women are women. I would imagine the same will be true across much of the world. This issue has become a new imperialism. It will fail. Just like the last imperialism. Logic and reason ultimately win out in the end. Suspending you belief in rationality will not keep it from the door. The trans-maniacs are vastly outnumbered.


The night is young…

Like say feminism? :grin: I suspect it’s going to go down in much the same way feminism did. And we all know that that genie 'aint going back in that bottle any time soon & that’s because gender characteristics of masculinity & femininity are shared between the sexes. Our biology will ultimately dictate the outcome but not so much in the manner many hoped…

Precisely. It’s a dead issue across most of the world.


In name yes but in spirit? I can assure you sweet young things of today leave the old guard for dead in terms of ruthlessness. They are just less overt & more strategic about it a kind of modern day black hand. I should know I grew one…. :grimacing:

Then I don’t know why you object to @Obamawasafool spelling out some definitions. I’m perfectly good with the meanings as determined by his usage. I don’t know anyone personally who would define and use those words in any other way.

“Trans woman” is someone who identifies as a woman, but who is not a biologic woman. Keep it like that, and we are good here. I don’t know how much bigger of an umbrella you would need. But are trans activists willing to leave it there?

We will be waiting a while for someone to literally change their sex chromosomes. The phenotype of XX might change over time, but the XX itself, not so much.

I doubt @Obamawasafool is alone. My feeling is that up to a certain point, most people are willing to live and let live. And past a certain point, people go “enough of this horsebleep”. I think the woke are pushing people to that point, on some issues (like this one) pretty quick.

Except now some trans activists like to suggest transwomen ARE women. You don’t push this, so we have no issue on this point. But note that trans-activists can’t/won’t/don’t have it both ways. They can’t say TERFs are making mountains out of molehills….then turnaround and start pushing that same molehill down people’s throats.

Again, keep the line there and we are good here.

I’m not the one trying to expand what “transwoman” means. Keep it at identity, lay off the kids, and I literally and figuratively could not give less of a damn.


I highly doubt that. Feminism promotes the rights of half the world, give or take. You only need to have a mother, or sister, or a wife, to witness first hand when there is inequality. Now, that exposure may not lead to the same extent of change of behavior everywhere, cuz some places still kick it pretty old school these days. But it’s not a foreign concept to most of the world’s population, I would think.

Gender dysphoria by your own links is a tiny fraction of 1%. There are many people who may go through life never having met a transgender person irl. The gender woke are disproportionately loud, to be sure. But I wouldn’t count on them beating back that demographic hill.


There are more than a billion Chinese. More than a billion Indians and more than a billion Muslims. Not to mention the vast majority of Latinos across South America. And there are about 800million Africans.
It’s strange how tiny white communities can convince themselves that they are always at the forefront of social movements. Alas! Imperialism and colonialism never die… unless they get killed off… or are rendered obsolete.


It’s not my experience that it’s ever been more than that. Where’s the evidence other than leaning on some dodgy interpretation of a slogan?

The trans panic is just another in the long line of repeat conservative moral panics a la #believeallwomen where end of days were nigh as due process was supposedly six foot under. Is it any wonder women are masculinising in droves when biological men are running around like headless chickens over every minutiae? And you think you’ve had enough of bitch ass crying?

It might well do as the older crowd ‘move on’. I think mostly the idea of ‘gender non binary’ will be the one that develops wider acceptance as traditional roles & interests fade with time. We have already seen this with feminism over the last 50 odd years.

I think you will find that the wealthier demographics of those countries have long ceded to feminism it’s just poverty, religion & war that prevents the rest catching on as when they immigrate to western countries they seem to catch on pretty fast…

I think you will find that this is absolutely false. Honestly, it may be worth your time to spend a few years in Asia. People here are not at all what you expect.

The basic expectations of life simply differ… and sometimes radically. I am quite well off yet, my wife is deeply conservative. The reason is simple: culture, not economics. Nations like China and India don’t survive for millennia because they move with the wind. They survive because they don’t. So too, many of the other, more traditional societies in the world.

White westerners often struggle with one of the most important contradictions in life: that many people, armed with genuine knowledge, still don’t want what you’re selling. The transgender issue has no currency across the majority of the planet. This is fact, not opinion. The problem with white nations like Australia is that you presume that everyone in the world must simply want to be just like you.

They don’t.

And only the most obtuse, the most smug, and the most aggressive of imperialists refuse to understand this simple truth…

I am no fan of Islam. But I will hold this line with them. So too, the Chinese and Indians. These people will have nothing to do with the transgender agenda. It will be up to white people to force it upon them. To colonize them, yet again, and insist that white values are the only ones that matter…

Get your pith helmet ready… the empire is calling you once again!


Apologies for not being clear, I was referring to feminism not transgenderism.

You don’t have the slightest idea about logic.

We have been told, over and over, that “no trans women rape”. But we have plenty of examples of “a trans woman who raped”. That means that the general proposition of “no trans women rape” is false.

Trans women rape, and it does not matter how many. They cannot be allowed in “only-female” spaces.

Not only are they rapists, they are pedophiles.


So was I…

Feminism is likewise a dead letter across most of the world. And feminists have abandoned the battlefield without nary a shot!

Ask yourself how many women (the real ones, born with vaginas) have actually even voted across India, China, and Africa… for fuck’s sake, these places don’t even have universal suffrage and feminists like you are taking victory laps…

If you are a feminist then why have you abandoned your real sisters in these regions and started to play with the boys in your own? We men know what trans-women really are… fucked up.

The feminists abandoned the field, got high paying jobs and told themselves they won… much like those idiot Europeans convinced themselves that they had conquered history and war… the only problem is… they didn’t.

You’re clearly smart as a whip… I’ll give you that! But, you are very, very wrong about the world. Your view is narrow. There are literally tens of thousands of villages across this planet with women who are nowhere hear the lifestyle you presume… and western feminists whistle past the graveyards of these women (real women) on the way to Starbucks or to whatever fucking bookstore has a drag-queen reading for the day… my cleaning lady can’t even read! Think about that… how many people in 2022 are still illiterate? I can assure you that among the world’s illiterate, the majority would be women. And yet, here we have real women wasting their time, abandoning the real battles for feminism in preference for a gaggle of men who want to play dress-up. As you dive deep for statistics about the increasing numbers of transgenders… check how many are popping up in other parts of the world other than the ones where people read shit like the New York Times or the Sydney Daily Kangaroo… the rest of the worlds’ women have only started their struggle… and they’ve been abandoned by the wannabe fighters of the West…

I call bullshit on the whole lot.


If transwomen are real women, then so are men. Women no longer exist as a category. Therefore, they are an irrelevant group…

Women have gone the way of… Zoroastrians

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Men who are trannies are the most misogynistic of all men. They want both the status of victim, and to victimize women. Most, almost all, are unmodified surgically, and so they use their “marginalized” power to gain access to spaces for women, where they exert masculine force to take over. Women are beginning to realize that allowing the cuckoo into the nest destroys the actual females.