Independent Headline Fiasco

Did anyone see this headline from the Independent?


It puts me in the abysmal situation of having to agree with a certain unmentionable abomination that the MSM are our collective enemy. Fake News was the term he used, IIRC. The reporter who wrote that should be publicly whipped.


On the subject of media misinformation, here’s a bit of entertainment for a Sunday morning…Let’s Go Brandon!

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Again, you’re overreacting. Yes, most reporters in legacy media have a liberal bias (at least on cultural issues) that influences their reporting. But you need to differentiate between opinion journalism and fact-based reporting. Although the line between them has become increasingly blurred, even critics of the MSM like Jesse Singal acknowledge that mainstream outlets continue to produce lots of good work. The same cannot be said for right-wing sources that are purely propagandistic and never correct their mistakes. (I’m not including the news part of Fox news here, but this does describe its evening commentary shows.)

Yes, and it doesn’t make things easier. But as to facts, KR most surely did not kill three blacks, that’s factually incorrect and IMHO very likely a deliberate lie. There have been so many instances of that sort of thing. I still watch PBS but they are so quick to racialize everything and whip up tension whenever they can.

I don’t watch any of them. I tried to watch Fox for a while – balance out PBS and BBC – but I don’t have the stomach for it. I want Walter C. back. Or Jim and Robin.


BTW, I have no issue with a liberal bias, what I don’t like is severe manipulation and distortion. PBS got so bad at times that I found myself jumping to Trump’s defense and that’s a sad thing.

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I doubt it was a deliberate lie. It’s easily disproven and has made the publication look very foolish.

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Yes. Quite right. Indeed they’ll catch enough shit for it as it is. Freudian slip perhaps but to do that deliberately would, if proven, sink them. Leave outright lies to Trump.

How could it be anything but? They do this all the time. Print some BS they want everyone to believe, and by the time a correction is issued, or the article removed, plenty of people have already seen it, some of whom will never come to know otherwise.

Mission accomished, they’ve “controlled exactly what people think” which is verbatim how MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski has described her duty as a journalist.

Many people didn’t know the attackers were actually white until this trial was televised. “But they look like fools.” That’s the price to pay for disseminating useful misinformation. Lots of people ate it up. Along with all the other constant drilling into the heads about evil white men, it did its job. The anti-white narrative is driven further into the low-info consumers of media headlines. Of course it’s deliberate.

Brazen or foolish:


wow great find. This is an expert level :man_facepalming:

THe fact that it wasn’t 3 black men being shot has probably kept it from being a bigger thing (although I don’t know the latest of whether the xmas parade incident in Wisconsin is at all related).

The Ahmaud Arbery trial results (closing arguments tmr) will be the next one to watch.

No, it wasn’t. The correction of the headline has received far more attention than the headline itself, which was entirely predictable. Not everything is a conspiracy. (In fact, most things aren’t.)

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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Maybe. That was my first take on it too, but @Schopenhauer has a point: such an obvious and transparent lie is so easy to demolish that it only makes the Independent look … let me put it this way: better to look foolish than be caught in a deliberate lie. So I’m 60:40 that it wasn’t deliberate. We expect spin, propaganda, distortion … but not outright lies, if you get me. But I could be wrong.

Sure. You make your case quite well. One could almost sanctify and promote those thugs into honorary blacks. Still sometimes the media overreach and it comes back to bite them. Remember Covington?

Thanks for the Lemon quote, I hope it is never forgotten.

Somehow we prefer malice. Malice can be discovered, rooted out, punished. Stupidity tho is always with us.

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This is a false dichotomy. Saying “black men” like that is a malicious act even if they were stupid enough to think its true, because they would never say “white men” in the same context. The options here are malicious or malicious and stupid.


This guy seemed to take it to heart.

Waukesha is a white, blue-collar dump where the poorer people who work in the richer adjacent suburbs live. It’s a decent ways from the black parts of Milwaukee. A person looking for “Trump country” without having to drive too far from the city would have headed to Waukesha.


God damn. Just when I start to relax and think maybe I’ve been a little too negative about the prospects for peaceful Islamization. Mind, I don’t think Islamization is a good idea anyway, but if it is going to happen one might still wish it goes peacefully. Why doesn’t Biden just concentrate on Latinos? IIRC they are supposed to be the majority sometime by mid century, no? Surely that could be accelerated and you’d have a one party state within a couple of decades. Venezuela North. Question: how is a Latino majority going to view BLM and jihad and Victimhood in general? I suspect more harshly that whitey. Hey, bring it on. Spanish is easy to learn, so they say.

Usually seems to err in only one direction.

Us =good
Them= bad

Actually the chart could be picked apart if anyone cared enough but I don’t. I did get into it with a retired journalist a couple weeks ago. He was adamant about how hard they worked to get things right. I thought it was very cute that he thought so, but that was before the Russia retractions, and Rittenhouse trial. Everybody needs something to believe in I guess.


More going on than that. Islamism wouldn’t get so far in Western societies without its enablers. What struck me when perusing the very lengthy criminal record of Darrell Brooks was that his second most frequently committed crime (after violence targeted at women) was jumping bail. How could he have only gotten a thousand dollar bond after his recent arrest for yet another serious felony? Woke district attorneys get people killed.


NPR is probably more centre Left than centre. The Grauniad needs separate headers to differentiate news from opinion- they’ve been cancelling their own journalists for some time- most recently on the subject of gender critical feminists- but it goes all the way back to workplace environment issues suffered by the likes of Melanie Phillips.

Centre Left should be able to tackle viewpoint diversity.

I thought you’d say that the BBC was further left as well, but I agree that NPR is more lefty than shown. I don’t mind the bias so much as the effort the pretend that it doesn’t exist.

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Exactly. Be woke, but admit that you are woke. PBS’s slogan is ‘honest, balanced, trusted’. Maybe at one time, but not any more.

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