It's Dr. MacNCheez to you!

This is a snarky post about the Dr. Jill Biden controversy. Women are losing it left and right because a man dared to question her going by “Dr.”

I have a high school diploma, an associates degree, and a bachelor’s degree. I was in a master’s degree program but withdrew after a night of class spent coloring, group meditation and a pumpkin carving contest. I wasn’t going to drop 30 grand on another credential that has been completely watered down because they hand them out like candy to anyone who is able to pay either out of pocket or borrowing out the wazzoo. This includes doctorates.

They just ain’t that impressive these days. Sorry but it’s the truth.

I was awarded an honorary doctorate for my excellence in making macaroni and cheese from my family.

It’s the only institution that really matters to me.

So to everyone obsessed with credentials, male, female, left, right - you can go suck an egg. That includes Dr. Biden.


Dr. MacNCheez


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Doctor of Education. Historically, the most pretentious of the doctoral class.


Doctor of McQuesology


Old “joke” from academia:

Q: What’s the fastest way to improve the quality of a university?

A: Blow up the faculty of education.



Sure, many of these degrees are bogus but many aren’t. I think the point is the objection has only been directed at a female & not a male. But more importantly it’s a kind of denigration of qualifications in education a particularly female dominated & under rated profession.
Whilst some degrees are clearly more technically difficult my own view is titles should also be about honouring value to society. A medical doctor is a dime a dozen & frankly many shouldn’t be one. A great educator is not. Saving lives matters but so does shaping them.

Nah. I’ve found it to be ridiculous when males with an EdD have puffed themselves up with the “Dr.” title beyond where they actually work. Those are a dime a dozen too. They are NOT rigorous programs esp. compared with a Ph.D. Many people defending Biden believe she has a Ph.D vs. the EdD - they don’t even know what they’re defending. It’s really sad.

It’s also not a credential that is for great educators.

It is one for ADMINISTRATORS. Not the same thing. Those who can’t teach become an administrator.

Every teacher I know - and I know A LOT tell me this.

It’s a management degree.


Perhaps in some cases but not in all & certainly not in hers.
I think what also needs to be considered here is the context of the piece written by Epstein where he implies the uselessness of her dissertation in student retention in community colleges & continuing teaching & how she should be more satisfied being a housewife…

“Forget the small thrill of being Dr Jill, and settle for the larger thrill of living for the next four years in the best public housing in the world as First Lady Jill Biden” he concluded.

But I think Bernice King, the daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, said it best:

“My father was a non-medical doctor. And his work benefited humanity greatly. Yours does, too.”


Good thing it wasn’t her elected President, then.


You would think if the Ed.D was so mighty Biden would at least appoint a person with one as Secretary Of Ed. But nope. A transgender woman.

Charlotte Clymer. Bwahahahaha! :rofl:Thank goodness my kid is almost done from the crap show public education is.

What a flipping disgrace.

Patriarchy wins the day yet again.

Sorry bio females with an Ed.D you don’t make the cut. But good on you for being called “Dr.”


Just keep this filter up over everything coming from Wokelandia/Bidenland:

We aren’t looking for the best people for the job, we are looking for the right people.


“Bwahaha,” is right. I was told Biden would be more centrist than far left progressive with his picks. I guess it’s possible that trans doesn’t automatically mean progressive but I’d be surprised. By all means someone prove me wrong. I’m not even looking into it beyond the above pic.


You’re joking. Surely. In the first instance. A doctorate in education practically guarantees that you’re going to be a lousy educator, it doesn’t make you a good one. Secondly, medical doctors are rare, and really difficult to educate and retain. Especially so in countries with socialized medicine.


We don’t have an aristocracy in the US. We should not be using titles at all.


If this had been written by anyone else, I would have said it was sarcasm.


No I’m not. If doctors are rare that’s an issue with the system as are quality educators. My point is both can be hit & miss & both matter. Where I’m from there’s no shortage of doctors but certainly great teachers even in the most elite of schools are in short supply.

So you’d prefer them removed for medical doctors as well?

That’s an claim unfalsifiable by me. @PeterfromOZ, is our bureaucrat moneybags friend Ella correct? Are you printing medical professionals under there in Ausie Land? If so, I know of a few Canadian provinces who would love to take them off your hands.


Well it at least means mentally-ill, so if this person has indeed been appointed Secretary of Education (this is the first I’ve heard of it) that is rather worrisome.


Read it & weep…

@Ella-B: “So you’d prefer them removed for medical doctors as well?”

That would be my preference.

I will admit, however, that while being prepped for surgery, I do address my doctor as “Dr.”

Some years ago, my family physician, an M.D., and a woman, please note, told me: “The only person you should address as “Dr.” is your doctor.”

At around the same time, a male physician, an M.D., of my acquaintance told me, after several beers: “The thing you have to understand is that all physicians are assholes. And I include myself.”

I have never looked at any physician since, male or female, without recalling the words of these two very wise medical doctors.