Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid miracle drug

"Large pro-ivermectin Facebook groups have turned into forums for people to find advice on where to buy it, including preparations meant for animals.

Some groups regularly contain posts about conspiracy theories of ivermectin cover-ups, as well as pushing anti-vaccine sentiment or encouraging patients to leave hospital if they aren’t getting the drug.

These channels have co-ordinated harassment of doctors who fail to prescribe ivermectin and abuse has been aimed at scientists. Prof Andrew Hill, from the University of Liverpool, wrote an influential positive review of ivermectin, originally saying the world should “get prepared, get supplies, get ready to approve [the drug]”.

Now he says the studies don’t stand up to scrutiny - but after he changed his view, based on new evidence emerging, he received vicious abuse."

Maybe the new Pill will help calm things down.

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On his personal blog, Kyle Sheldrick (first quote in the story) also claims that Russia faked its trials of the Sputnik vaccine.

Among the myriad ills of society that covid has laid bare, is the general mind-block that seems to exist in large swaths of society regarding the handling of new information.

It used to be, and still should be, that the ability to modify one’s position on a subject in the face of new information was the hallmark of an open mind and inquisitive intellect. Now, it seems once you have subscribed to the view of a particular tribe, then any future deviation from that view is considered a betrayal, rather than progress. And so early converts to ivermectin who upon further review are less sanguine about it, are abused for their troubles. And if ivermectin were to pan out at some future point, early skeptics who accept any such new data may get abused heaped upon them as well. It is truly sad that the entire process of “thinking” is being sacrificed at the altar of tribal piety. On this front, the future does not appear very bright.


Tribes come with pre-packed policy positions now. I.e. now, if you agree with the right on something like critical race theory (which I do) then you must agree with them on vaccine skepticism, and if you don’t you’re an apostate.

It’s actually impossible to exercise any kind of independence of mind without being hated by one or both tribes.

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That’s a great point. I was only using a single-issue prism. But you’re absolutely right. Applying your own logic, mores, and sympathies on an issue by issue basis? Fuhgedaboutit.

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