Killing Children with medicine and experiments

Well everyone we’ve witnessed for the past two years the chaotic effects of a badly ran event 201 on our societies. Lockdowns, masking, social distancing and house arrests whilst awaiting the arrival of a wonder cure. A wonder that came but didn’t cure the chaos. It would seem that things have got worse. I refer to Stockholm syndrome- whereupon the victim is grateful to his captor, to authority. He is obedient. Submissive; believing that if he does what his captors tell him, he’ll be ok. Rather like socialists- easily herded group thinkers, who perhaps with idealistic or trusting characters worship a malevolent god.

Here is short video which I believe forms the principle of event 201. Watch it please and consider your own responses and behaviours:

Milgrim Experiment

Question.- Given the sudden nature of Covid on the worlds population. How did they know what to do?- You must of asked yourself this question.-Surely.

The answer is that it was taught and rehearsed. Here comes an event where you have no protected rights; where in the US the constitution is superseded by authoritarianism.
It destroys businesses, the church, relationships, law.
Event 201 is easy to research. You can find the videos, the transcripts, minutes, players, white papers. You will notice that the events however refined because the planners and actors of event 201 have gotten together in such refinements many times over the past 20 years, that they include only one policy.- Control of populations. Authoritarianism.
Why weren’t the event policies about keeping everything working? Why was there always a managed decline aspect, a psychological programming of acceptance?
Within the earliest CIA written bio security agenda the question was, “How do you stop people talking and how do you make people do what you wish whilst giving up their rights and freedoms.” The Milgrim experiment had already proved that 67% of people would yield to authority against their own principles.
The simulations involved high end members of the police, homeland security, medicine, big pharma, government, media, tech., firefighters, law enforcement agencies hundreds of thousands of people were used in the trials and they enlisted the most important and influential members of society. Right from the beginning established and trusted and respected people shared the stage with our leaders to legitimise the talk. In lockstep all the bosses from the CIA, FBI, medical professions, law enforcement etc., etc., came back into play. Activated players who were tried and tested from the simulations.
In one year they overrode the US constitution.- All the most sacred value. Constitutional rights such as property rights(forced closure of businesses), suspending jury trials, giving personal medical records out, search and seizure, closure of churches- free association, track and trace- with no warrants. Vaccines not even tested on animals that you can’t sue big pharma for. - everything binned and it took one year. A Milgrim effect via Stockholm syndrome?
So even above physical torture, isolation works more effectively in gaining submission.

67% of people will be overwhelmed by authoritarianism. So beware anybody drumming up fear. Fear is the enemy of society. Beware false prophets. et al Fauci.

Did you know that Bill Gates and his foundation funded all of the later event 201’s. All supported and backed with players within the CIA, FBI, WHO, CNN, NIH, Pentagon…etc. etc.
Why does the Microsoft guy just appear anywhere there’s a needle? The guy the Indian government banned from their nation. But the point is that all the agencies of direction in an event 201 were comfortable with authoritarian directive and as the later event simulations evolved the players were assessed for compliance in endorsing increased authoritarian tactics- a bit like the psychological effects of the Milgrim experiment itself.

Yet 33% of the Milgrim experiment said “No.” Remember this is not about medicine, but control and it surprises me not that the force of such tactics is least favourable in the US of any nation sheerly because US citizens recognise the circumnavigation of their constitution and are on red alert now. One fear has given way to another.

Another question I’d like answered is "Where is the science papers on the effectiveness of mask wearing as studies seem consistent with infection levels going down when the masks come off.
We have 42 muscles in the human face that are not designed for eating food. We talk through our faces. So just like wearing the Niqab or the Burka what we are doing by hiding our faces is cutting down dramatically the human need for free expression. It is a natural evolution in primates to combine words with eye contact and facial expression to convey feelings and truth to support our narrative. It stops feelings of isolationism.

I shall leave this post with one last question. It is related to what good societies are based upon. That is law. We have not had any counter narrative about science. We have Fauci who claims he is science. I don’t believe this, nor the 33% and growing numbers of people that the Milgrim experiment could not convince. I guess I am a dissident just like all the great scientists that oppose the Fauci science. So my question is: "In court cases, in law, we have trials which the outcomes are defined and merited on two opposing sides arguing the science. So why have we been denied this debate?


Great comment, Spencer! But I wouldn’t be too hard on poor Bill- he was preparing for a pandemic which might have wiped out 10% of the healthy and active global population, instead of one which only killed a fraction of 1% and overwhelmingly those at the end of their lives- sure to pop their clogs within a few years anyway. Context matters in these things- although you are quite correct- the invention of new technologies, where they be cultural or scientific in nature, presents the problem of misuse and the moral quandary of Oppenheimer. In this case the moral justification argument should be considered in the light of the worst case scenario, as well as the more mundane moral panic we find ourselves in. T

hey have invented tools which allow the population to scare themselves half to death- around 77% of hospital admissions are obese, vaccinations provide between and 87% and 91% protection from death and the risks can be further mitigated by the adoption of a daily high dose of vitamin D- I hope you and all the family are taking this daily supplement- zinc is also good for keeping the pecker up, as it were- but I swear, the budget for various pills and potions we take to mitigate aging, seem to grow exponentially by the decade- and unlike shampoo or toothpaste, they don’t seem to be on special offer very often.

For research purposes, here is a rare ‘hard’ interview with Richard Thaler, the Nobel Prize winning economist and father of behavioural economics:

Generally, this guys ideas ideas and concept of libertarian paternalism are a work of genius and a force for good in the world, but any technology misused can be a weapon in the wrong hands, and here in the UK we have been particularly subject to the ‘soft’ use of Government Behavioural Science Departments. Still, I suppose it beats vaccine mandates and passports- I just hope we don’t follow the rest of the world into collective madness, and instead continue on the Swedish path- who are, for the moment, alone in sitting pretty, because of their policies on Covid.

In many ways we are lucky though- the abandonment of all caution and good sense following Freedom Day have led to slow, persistent case numbers at a time when vaccine immunity was at its highest amongst vulnerable populations. This acquired immunity means we simply aren’t seeing the virus surges seen in much of Europe and are managing to resist the the urge to lockdown, or force vaccinate.

For the moment…


Yes it wasn’t quite the catastrophe that would have made him a global hero. Although he seems to anticipate that the next one will “get our attention this time.”

Good to see you here Spence!

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We as a society have become captured by the “Cult of the Experts”, promoted to the extreme by popular media figures and politicians. This cult has, in effect, replaced the scientific method with pronouncements.

“Experts say we need to maintain six feet of distance from others.” Not five feet, not eight feet, but six feet. “Experts say we need to isolate for fourteen days following risk of exposure.” Not ten days, not twenty days. Fourteen days.

There is no science behind any of these claims, or many others. The were put forward, adopted, and are now cast in iron. Violators will, at the least, be slut-shamed, but oftentimes more punitive measures are taken, including forceful punishment or detention by governments. (Please don’t tell me that financial punishment doesn’t count as force.)

“Experts say…” should always be a red flag. Upon hearing this phrase, we should ask ourselves - who are these experts? Are there other experts with different views? If so, are they being given a voice? Why are we told that the debate is over, when there’s no evidence that any debate took place?

And always, always, always: Where is their evidence?


For coming within 6 feet? I thought we were getting less puritanical!


When they use traditional English measurements, rather than metric system, you know right away that it’s dumb. It couldn’t have been determined by any real 'scientific ’ experiment.


Certainly prepared mate and it’s fine that there was always a pandemic event plan in place. It may seem a conflict of interests however that Bill who got himself a ban from India when his good intentions injured some half a million people and is chief honcho of Microsoft and highest positioned influencer of WHO is connected very heavily in effecting policy in an event 201.

We must remember that these CIA psychologically evaluated procedures have all the key positioned personell in all departments ready to act, but in what way? That’s where we’re starting to see more of a deep state styled direction taking place. It becomes politicised and we even have the British government admitting that it used fear psychology designed for the use on enemies against its own people. The white papers on it are exactly as it played out. All perfectly fine for a super deadly Ebola styled virus with far greater lethality, as this would be befitting of the procedures that have been put in place. Of course then we had the priming that created religious raised hands of everybody begging god for any vaccine; any peace to stop the plague. I still buy this in principle as who wouldn’t want any vaccine that could put an end to it all. The problem is that the event 201 and cost evaluating taking a prototype vaccine/gene therapy was weighted on a very deadly virus. But it wasn’t a tremendously deadly virus and certainly nothing like what event 201 was designed for. With it we have a health crisis timebomb as the vaccines themselves carry unknown foreseeable consequences for all who have taken them. I mean they never even animal tested them and many scientists were against wholesale vaxxing.

Event 201 was always designed in one direction and that was with a greater authority that would supersede all existing laws; a usurping authoritative and unconditional force over people movement.
When it was recognised that this virus wasn’t that overly deadly, nothing was done to adapt the policy of draconian state control. There was no mitigation in procedure, no adaption to evolving evidence.

Well when we look at who is dying it becomes very clear that we should of adapted the whole policy. Yupp vaccines for the most vulnerable and then a directive of positive approach regarding the actual physical health of a society. Diet is an essential part of fighting off infections. Personally I’d advocate megadosing on water soluble vitamins such as C and B complex and taking vitamins A, D and K in studied quantities- you can overdose on these. So yes with Covid vitamin D and C would be prudently increased. Eat your vegetables as Grandma would say. Get out in the sun and get some exercise. Stay away from sugar, salt and processed foods. It’s all obvious stuff and so many people neglect their health via their diet. The problem is that the body needs minerals and vitamins in order to function correctly and diminished nutrition results in diminished function.

Hey mate Miya is super healthy and that’s really the reason for this thread. I just thought I’d start it off in a more contestuous light and divert later. Anyways you know I live in the Nort East of England; a very anti authoritarian area of the UK. I picked her up from school yesterday. In the playground I counted roughly 120 people. Not one mask. The school was lit up inside and the kids and staff were all unmasked. I drove past a shop and they were signed up stating masks were mandatory inside. I drove into town and the only masks I saw were on old people. It looked pretty much as it should be. Take the authoritarian mandates that are being threatened around the world out of the equation then my little drive seemed to reflect what one would expect. Protect the vulnerable.

It’s weird because there’s a cut off point, a marker if you like between where vaxxing stops and herd immunity starts. Perhaps its with the children where the politics of vaccines meets with a moral reassertion. There has been this vax rollout that started with the oldest members of society and has captured bulkloads of age groups and its gathered momentum from age 70 plus, 60-70, over 50’s. A bit like a democratic election with an infused peer review embedded. But within this there ought to be the realisation that there comes a point of individuality related to age, health and how well nourished the individual is where the risk evaluation switches away from vaccines and on to natural immunity. Event 201 doesn’t allow for this. It is all authority and the taking away of choice.


I don’t mind either of these values as recommendations. When dealing with infectious disease it’s perfectly reasonable to suggest separation and quarantine.

My problem is that they are 1) treated as confirmed fact, 2) cast in stone, and then 3) mandated thru force.


Yeah “The Real anthony fauci.” From a bookshop near you. :grin:



… Brrrrr… Zzzzz… Brrrrrrr

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Amen, let us old people take care of ourselves, look at data to inform appropriate societal response.

For full disclosure my cohabiting daughter has gotten the new moronic covid strain this week, which delayed her planned work trip. Yes positive serum response. Both me and my partner have been a little ill, but so far no fireworks. It’s just a virus and God will probably strike me down for my vanity, but I trust in personal animal response in terms of viral infection much more than vaccination. My youngest kid and his mates are still welcome to come into the house etc.

In short, take responsibility appropriately.


Exactly. That sentence epitomises the divide between sensible precautionary and free choice medical assistance versus the tribe of Marx that forever seeks mommy to wrap her arms around with authoritative control of everybody.

Eat those vitamins and stay healthy Sir. My father would die inside as a person if he couldn’t have contact with people; especially the grandkids.


but, but… "It takes a village to raise a child! " Which really I think it does, meaning a small group of people, parenting and mentoring. Just as I know that you Spencer are always looking for lads to help and advise, but that you can’t possibly run their lives, or help them if they don’t want to be helped.

But when Hillary wrote a book with the title “It takes a village to raise a child”, it didn’t mean a village in the traditional sense, but the Global Village in which one size fits all. ANd where, since all children should nbe alike, a few might be expendable for an experiment.


I think Killory best do a recount on compliance because those booster shots aren’t popular with the kids ever since mommy took off her make-up and looked far uglier than before.


Surprising to see this QAnon-style paranoid ranting on Quillette. Hope it’s not a foreshadowing…



I share your disappointment. A handful of the conspiracy-minded regulars who used to populate the site have been returning. Fortunately, Claire has made it clear that Quillette rejects these views, so we have reason to hope that those of us who value reason and evidence will prevail.


Unfortunately event 201 has rejected the views of the American constitution. All laws have been circumvented. In Europe an unelected bureaucracy that was created as a means to ease interconnective trade within the Eurozone has morphed into a behemoth that now holds authority over any sovereign rights. Of course on top of this authority is now intending impose forced vaccination on its citizens. Can we recall the initial plea when our governments told us that we’d have a short lockdown and we’ll flatten the hysterical curve and then everything will return to normal. It all seems a bit odd because as the virus has been found to be less lethal than originally thought, the levels of control and authoritarianism have ramped up.

One poster has wrote that Claire rejects anti-authoritarian views. What has that got to do with half of the planet having them? Sounds like the Milgrim experiment worked well on this poster. Or is he just an activist?

In not one single area of public health could Fauci (or the other bureaucrats) claim a victory. In every single area the country is less healthy today than 1970, let’s say. This comes as no surprise to those of us who do not belong to the cult of state worship. The majority of American voters however believe very much that without the FDA, CDC, etc. we would all be dead from food poisoning, bad pharmaceuticals and mysterious illnesses. :slight_smile:

Fauci is the classic exemplar of the “failing up” principle. You succeed in the bureaucracy by spinning your failures into gobbledy gook word soup, and dishing it out to voters and Congressmen. The better you are at spinning failure, the more valuable you are to the bureaucracy in a senior position.

I could give a one word answer to the question, how do I know the US are no longer a serious country----Fauci.

I just love the Walter Duranty styled poster. A rather serious looking clown of an avatar.


Speaking of Duranty, El Gato made a great comparison to Claire in his bit about the covid camps, brochure vs the reality


WTF So they even locked the Australian Olympic team up? I suppose athletes do need to breathe a lot.
Hopefully those prisons work on electricity.

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