Kyle Rittenhouse shootings

This is a child we are talking about here. Of course he should not have been there in the first place. Of course he should not have brought a gun. If he committed any known crime, we have not heard what that is from the authorities yet. Clearly, all the known videos, documented by the New York Times, portray this child being shot at and assaulted by a large and violent mob. If you kill someone in self defense the worst you face is manslaughter. For @JackBNimble to demonize a child like this is unconscionable.


But even in Ben Shapiro’s video we don’t know why he was at the other car dealership, 4 blocks away from the other one he was initially “protecting”.

This guy showed up to kill people, that’s it. Give someone a gun, don’t be surprised when they want to use it.

Did he do any good? Or did he just add more bodies to the pile? More fuel for the flames? Seriously, I’m asking: What good does it do to send a 17 year old with a rifle to a conflict? Are the results in any way surprising?


Funny, he’d be wearing a hat that says “PARAMEDIC”.

A peaceful protesting health care provider with a pistol.


Buddy, the Kenosha Killer shouted “EMT” before the shooting started, and he had an assault rifle. Care provider with the means to do harm indeed.

@Fantasmo is a self-professed shitlord. Please don’t make the error of taking him seriously.


I appreciate the ageement, but there’s no inconsitency. (Are you, perhaps, posting from a phone? Either that or you’re having a stroke.) The rioting and looting is reprehensible, but it’s currently only occurring in a few neighborhoods in a few cities. There’s no Antifa conspiracy to overthrow the government.

“Glad to hear” there’s right-wing media in the U.S.? Murdoch is from your wasteland of a continent – you really haven’t heard of Fox News?!? (I’m actually quite fond of Australia.)


Sowing doubt or striving to get to the truth? Ben Shapiro makes many valid points. What would be your counterargument to them?


That this kid shouldn’t have even been there with an assault rifle because this is what happens when people show up with guns to riots. He didn’t help establish any security. He only killed some people. That’s the only thing he accomplished.


Yes I did post that response from my phone.

I wasn’t arguing that there was inconsistency so much as incompleteness. The media as a whole has had an impact, nt just the right wing media.

I was actually extracting the urine in my comment about the right wing media.

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6 major crimes, including murder.

Does this apply to the first person he killed, which caused the protesters to target him? The second one definitely had a gun – that seems like self-defense. But I don’t think referring to him as a “child” makes much sense given the predilection of prosecutors in the U.S. to try killers under the age of 18 as adults.

Thanks for the pdf link!

After I made the original post, I discovered Rod Dreher’s article over at TAC (see below) about how Rittenhouse is becoming a ‘hero’ to some right-wingers. I see the article as a necessary corrective to that bullshit. And if you think that I’m smearing Rittenhouse, just look at what Dreher does to the victims.

That’s an excellent question.

The criminal complaint (above link) states that the object that was thrown at Rittenhouse in the first incident (per the posted videos) was a plastic bag. And @JWombacher isn’t helping his ‘side’ by repeatedy calling Rittenhouse a ‘child’ and the people on the street that night a large ‘mob’


Yes, they leave the riot in one piece. The fact he was being chased by multiple attackers shows why he needed the gun.


The kid is an idiot if he thinks that he can secure an area with a single rifle. Nice “well-regulated militia”, guys. Should not have even gone. Or, shouldn’t have gone alone.

I agree! But attempting to take down someone armed with an AR-15 by throwing plastic bags or swinging a skate board is even more stupid. This story has no heroes.


This kid shouldn’t have shown up to a riot with an AR-15. really dumb. What did he plan to achieve? He wasn’t even from the neighborhood.

All the details aren’t known yet. Maybe he was simply attacked by a mob (i hesitate to call them left, right or anything other than a mob), maybe he shot someone first. Maybe the first shooting was also in self-defense. But honestly would he have needed an AR-15 if he didn’t show up with an AR-15?

Another question: If he was a black 17 year old with an AR-15, would he have been able to just walk past the police like that? Every situation has a diversity of rights and wrongs. Everyone in this situation should be prosecuted and punished.

Jacob Blake should also be prosecuted and punished.

I read The Benedict Option knowing nothing about Dreher and appreciated his perspective: the left have won the “culture wars” (how dare they tolerate the gays?!?) and we righteous Christians should retreat into our caves until the secular storm passes. Then I saw his TAC column and, Sweet Evil Jesus, he’s a deranged douchebag. As it turns out, theocrats are not good people.

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They are all idiots. The antifa pedo guy who is dead was an idiot. The short kid who was bullied and then walked around at a riot with a long gun is an idiot. The guy with the handgun now missing a bicep is an idiot.

Oh, and MSM who tries to make this a gotcha moment against Trump, they are idiots also.

Same with anyone who tries to make this sad kid a right wing hero, they are idiots.

I am an idiot for typing away after midnight. Night night.


Daily Wire Shapiro is just shoveling red meat into the trough for the rabid right wing masses. I wouldn’t bother with that. But his Sunday Report I actually find quite worthwhile: he reins in the fast talking, and lets his guest speak, even when he vehemently disagrees (eg. Ezra Klein, who is also not my favorite either; or Sam Harris, of whom I am a big fan).

And Shapiro is quite compelling when he’s the guest on Dave Rubin, or Joe Rogan.


From the article you posted…

In reply to your posting on “Kyle Rittenhouse, Populist Hero”, you are fond of pointing out the Weimar-like similarities between the U.S. today and Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. While history doesn’t repeat, it does echo. If we are radicalizing into two or more irreconcilable factions, it stands to reason you will have martyrs to the cause. In Germany, Horst Wessel was shot and killed by the Red Front-Figures of the Communist Party. Charismatic and young, Horst’s short and violent life was turned into that of a martyr by the Nazis, particularly Joseph Goebbels. As many know the “Horst Wessel Song” became the “national battle hymn” of Nazi Germany to quote historian Richard Evans.

In American history, we have seen the making of martyrs with Matthew Shepard and the LGBT movement, and more distantly, John Brown and the abolitionist movement as two notable examples. Songs will be written and past transgressions will be forgotten or whitewashed. Woe to the intrepid soul who criticizes these new secular saints. With fanaticism on the ascent in this country there will be more martyrs and heroes minted for the cause. That’s the echo I hear in contemporary times.

People, based on what we know now, I, personally, don’t believe Kyle Rittenhouse is either a villain or a hero. I am reporting that he is fast becoming a hero among a lot of people who are sick of the rioting. This may be a terrible thing, but it is really happening, and there’s a reason for it. It’s a sign, I think, of a building backlash — one that could result in a lot more violence. It doesn’t do us any good to pretend this is not happening because it frightens or offends us.

Hold me, I’m scared.

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