Male Underachievement and the Gender Turf Wars

Very well written article that touches on an important topic.

Some points of reflection:

  • if you present to a hospital as Young, White, straight cos male with suicidal ideation then you ought to be treated as if none of these things mattered. Ultimately of course they do not. However, in one experience I had I was treated with a certain level of disdain or mockery. Whether this was designed to provoke me into sharing more I do not know. But I do recall being rather annoyed at this response from the female treating psychiatrist. Fortunately due to my highly disagreeable traits I managed to windle through the session and was listened to. The session could have gone a lot better without that tinge to it.
  • Seeking to turn a health issue (like male suicidality) into a gender politics issue is something that should be left to the activists who are already motivated by ideology. Turning a discussion into of me s mental health into a discussion of how women are affected by it is no different to turning a discussion about abortion into a discussion about how men may have a preference for a woman to keep a pregnancy going. In both instances, one party ignores the plight of the other and focuses too heavily on the self. Decency and empathy go a long way in the end.
  • Similar to the above point, weaponisation of health concerns leads to resentment and bitterness
  • We are all individuals in the end, men and women alike, and the narratives that divide men and women across gender lines will only get worse if we can’t relate to one another as exactly that - individuals. Descartes’ maxim of “I think, therefore I am” has a philosophical implication for the indivuals sense of self identity and respect as much as it does an implication for politics. If I ever get told that I need to (as aman) listen to my female peers and their collective struggle then I’m always in lined to ask more questions about what it is about their life experience that suggests they are oppressed. Some of them come from good homes, have had ample access to education, have access to capital, individual freedoms. Yet they would be inclined to say that they are oppressed, possibly because they liken their struggles to the character of Ofred in Haidmaidens Tale… While I. So e exotic far away land there are women who are experiencing that sort of thing on a daily basis. Perhaps affluence forces us to look for problems?
  • incels, mgtow and whatever other internet subcultures exist for the resentful underperforming young males who are affected by so much. The response by some more radical elements within the feminist movement will only galvinise those incel mgtow internet subcultures to continue and will reaffirm their grand narrative of what feminists and feminism is all about to them.

The only real argument of substance along these lines is that they are subject to male violence… and it’s a valid one, given that they always feel apprehensive walking to their car alone at night. But then again men are subject to male violence, as well.

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