Material that you feel like it should be on Quillette

In the last few weeks, during my erratic online explorations, i randomly came across material that i felt it would fit nicely on Quillette.
It happened once, twice…several times, until i decided to create a topic, where Quillette users can link articles that they feel deserve more quillete-style free discussion.
Here is one of the several articles that i felt like it belonged here.
The LGBTsQewing of America - The American Conservative


Here is one that i consider to be quite important, about the unlikely connection between union-busting and corporate woke politics.
The Evolution of Union-Busting (

I like the idea. As long as the articles linked are, as you suggest, “of Quillette quality.” I glanced at this one, and I think it looks sound. The problem – this has occurred in the past in QC – is when the articles linked are clearly advocacy for one side, and posting them is axe-grinding, and discussion generates more heat than light.

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Excellent point, in the heat of the moment i didn’t think of that. But then again, many of the original Quillette articles are clear advocacy and axe-grinding, and yet the brave Quillete users manage to build worthwhile debates out of them.
So wait and see, if it degenerates, i will delete the topic…if its even possible, im not familiar with the intricacies of the Quillette features, as this is my first topic

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I was thinking today that a thread on the current world economy would be something different. Quillette usually focuses on culture or politics…


That is true, but the idea of my thread was not to provide something different, on the contrary.
Also right now, talking about the world economy seems like a very bad moment to do it.
The world economy is at it’s most unstable and unpredictable point in decades.
Western economies are sacrificing self interest in favor of American subservience and Russia damage attempts.
Right now the world economy makes even less sense than the world politics, and that’s no small thing.
We are back to the old classic, let’s get a piece of Russia, or die trying.
Only that now, the west managed to alienate the whole east, and i hope the arrogant west will finally get it’s long overdue comeuppance.

Yeah, maybe we should start sending Putin ammo. I hear he’s running out.

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Yeah, if someone manages to scribble that on Biden’s note card…
Seriously though, this is being done as we speak, and has been done for several years (figuratively of course).
Boorish behavior and groundless hostility have been the trademark of the mindless American foreign policy for years, and that resulted in a quite interesting Sino-Russian alliance and the formation of the Brics, with more states applying to join lately.
The US seems to have shot itself in the foot economically speaking, and it drags it’s lackey states on the same path, we’ll see how this match ends.
Anyway back to the topic, i don’t think anyone can have a useful conversation about the world economy right now, because the world is at war, mostly proxy…for now.

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The results would be two large powers breaking free from American hostile containment, which in turn could result in a much more prosperous East, a much more powerful East, the end of the American brutal hegemony and hopefully a much needed New World Order, that hopefully would be more viable and not hell bent on self destruction as it is now.

You got me there. Other than the scum running the Western political systems and their military industrial complex patrons, probably nobody.

Jeffrey Sachs: U.S. Policy & “West’s False Narrative” Stoking Tensions with Russia, China - YouTube