Orwell and Dalrymple on English Class

The USDA is every bit as bad as the EU in its enforcement of ridiculous and arbitrary standards to protect vested corporate agricultural interests. Did you know US RDAs are generated to reflect America’s current food production, and bear no relation to actual dietary requirements?

The worst area where these degrades quality is with eggs. In the UK, we use a gentle washing process which doesn’t strip the cuticle from the eggs. One occasionally sees is little bit of embedded filth or a feather on an eggshell, but generally we don’t see a substantial risks of food poisonings from this source.

In the US, your eggs are industrially washed, stripping the cuticle. It means that the eggs can’t stay fresh for much time at all. By the time they reach your supermarket shelves they are already somewhat past their best.


The bejeweled Renaissance Pope preaching poverty to the masses…
The bourgeois Marxist proclaiming his hatred of the rich to the proletariat…
The woke elite of the “comfortable class” teaching the rest of us how to “check our privilege”…

Nothing new under the sun…


To the author. Sorry the comments descended into name-calling. We usually don’t do that here.

Your two class framework is useful. But slightly more sophisticated is a three layer model. For instance, the Romans had Patricians, Plebeians, and Slaves.

Yes, Marx’s “mechanical theory” of society is woefully inadequate. And I think it is telling that the last German lefty intellectual on Earth, Jürgen Habermas, borrowed from Heidegger and Husserl to talk about the Lebenswelt, the life-world of humans living in community in the world with other humans with whom they communicate and develop moral agreement… Mechanics need not apply, except to fix the drains.

That aligns with your words: “All one needs is a little empathy, honesty, and imagination.” What a concept.

Almost. Statecraft and oratory were instruments of power, like the arts of war. Other intellectual labor like teaching and medicine could be performed by slaves. The upper class among slaves, I’m sure.

In modern life, the intellectual is often dissatisfied. He or she is smart, hard-working, and educated, so, why not rich and powerful? My father used to insist that the political unrest in South America was generated by lawyers who had failed to secure good government jobs – never the proletariat.