Quillette Circle Likely to be Closed Soon

Hi All,

Thanks for being members of the Quillette Circle.

The QC has always been an experiment - and we’ve had both good outcomes and bad outcomes from this experiment.

I’ve recently been getting a lot of negative feedback about the QC with individuals feeling bullied out of conversations and closing their accounts. These incidents are frequent and many.

We can’t continue the community when this continues to happen. And unfortunately we do not have the resources to employ moderators to keep things friendly and civil.

Quillette will be moving to a new website soon, where new community features will be able to be used.

I will keep you updated on that process. When the new website is live and new community features are active, we will close the QC.

Many thanks,


I was barber in disguise the whole time you guys I win.


@Fafai, do you remember when you were a kid and you were driving somewhere with your parents and you were squabbling with your siblings and your mom turned around and said: “If you boys don’t stop this right now, we’re turning this car right around and taking you home.”?

Well, now it’s happening. :wink:


I’m sure we all saw this coming. Where to go next? Since free speech doesn’t live here any more…

“Here I sit all broken hearted, came to shit but only farted. Then one day I took a chance, I tried to fart and shit my pants.”


Big surprise. Anyway, just wanted to sneak this in before the lights go out: it wasn’t your fault @Fafai, it was Quillette’s.


Cue "it’s all the woke’s fault"…Self responsibility? 0%


Wow. I spend a lot (too much) time here and I haven’t seen anything I would call bullying. Has anyone seen this bullying? We have a few rude people, but is that really so fatal?

Moreover, is QC being closed because of bullying, or because Quillette is moving to a new site? What will be different about the community features of the new site, which will prevent bullying?

How much does this have to do with the accelerated pace at which Quillette is caving to authors who can’t handle criticism and demand comments be pulled?


Hi Claire,
While I am new to this site, and if I am reading this correctly, people with dissenting views are being bullied. If that indeed is the case, it is a shame. I thought this was a site to feel a bit more open and explore avenues besides the prevailing ideology. If we are not civil, we are no better than others. But I would add that just because you are challenged on your ideology, that is not bullying nor is biting or ironic commentary. Gone are the days when you can agree to disagree without being called names. It is my hope that you will explain how this “bullying” is taking place. This might enlighten participants. A few examples maybe?



Hidden complaints are the last refuge of conversation control, but I appreciate the legal bind.

How long? There are some extensive references I would like to extract before closure.


No, Fafai was far from the worst but he has had his bad days. Seems to me the fundamentalists wanted an echo chamber but instead they’ll get silence.

That’s what Claire just said.

I personally have had private messages from several people who couldn’t handle the personal attacks anymore and signed off. All of them were really interesting people too. Just not interested in mud slinging.


The thing is if rules are openly flaunted people will take justice into their own hands.

Occasional hurt feelings are the unavoidable consequence of free speech. I’m sorry so many people felt differently.

As a result of this, I myself may be moving to a new website soon. I will keep you updated on that process.


Well, I’m sad…


Ella, I appreciate your stance.

That said, even at its worst, QC is nowhere near the cesspit nearly everywhere else online has become.

The difference here is that those who normally are part of the mob actually have to defend ir justify their positions. Now it is dying. Sad.


She also said they were moving the site, and starting a new community, so it is not clear to me at all that supposed bullying had anything to do with it.

This seems so silly because if you express anything less than woke on virtually any Facebook group, you will be told some variant of “I hope you die in a fire.” I have not seen anything close to the animosity ubiquitous on Facebook here! Either the people complaining are super sheltered, or they just couldn’t handle being in a place where most people lean right. I suspect most of the complaints were not in good faith.


Well … with the death of QC, any recommendations where we shall move to for intellectual debate?


Well, to repeat what I said on another thread: I understand that this is Claire’s business rather than our personal playpen. But, that said, since this whole thing seems to be driven by upset OP writers, Quillette will likely become the playpen of easily offended OP hacks.
As for “bullying”, sure that happened. But many of the “bullied” were trolls. And, hell, I had plenty of people say stuff against me, we’ve all had that. Uncivil speech is part of free speech. Anyway, screw it, whatever. Good luck to everybody. Keep your opinions, even the ones I don’t like, and share them everywhere and anywhere you can.


Anybody wants to get in touch with me, I’m easy to find. Just search my faculty webpage or follow the link in my profile to my infrequently updated blog. Happy hunting, and I hope we recognize each other in the gulags!


Just because there’s worse doesn’t make the behaviour ok. There’s also better. My problem has never been the content but the personal attacks. I personally asked commenters not to leave whose content horrified me but because they were able to deliver it in a non personal way made it fine. I just sincerely hope if we get a second chance the personal attacks will stop & ideas will be the centre piece but I fear partisan stances are stronger than a desire for free thought & exchanges of ideas which was ultimately our undoing.


Hopefully Claire will give us a bit of time to find a new platform to transition to so we don’t lose the relationships we’ve built here.