Quillette does not cross post to QC?

The articles recently posted on Quillette do not cross post to QC for comments. It is said to be a feature, perhaps, that Quillette can handle its own comment threads, and not have to divert to Discourse, which hosts QC. But if there is an article posted in Quillete, such as Jonathan’s

then the comments under it are almost all pure vomit.

This configuration will probably kill both. I will unsubscribe Quillette if it doesn’t not have a well-ordered comments system attracting reasonable discussion.


Agreed. I don’t know what Claire is thinking. Zoe reports that there are no plans to kill QC, but without new articles it must obviously die. The website contains hardly any of the functionality that makes QC such a pleasure to use. And the membership on the website is strange, almost nobody from QC, and the people there seem to be morons for the most part, it seems only a very few of us have used it.


Just here to add my voice in support of your statements, the new discussions system is horrible, will definitely unsubscribe if this is the new norm.
Surprised there are so few complaints.

Yeah, I also miss the articles here. I thought I’d missed some message from @claire that the discussions were moved but it seems I’m not alone in the confusion.

We probably can create a topic for each article here but would be nice to know the plans?

#metoo Chuck. I attempted to discuss this article but it just felt clunky. It’s an important piece straddling several topics, the main one being the bedfellows racism/anti-racism. Thanks for posting, looks like this is the way we get to discuss the articles moving forward.

As far as this particular article goes, it really highlights the need for clarity with language. Some believe they can re-brand racism as anti-racism by changing the definition of racism:
discrimination + power = racism (ie. only white people can do it because power);
rather than the historical/common definition: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

They’re doing the same with equity:
New: Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.
Old: the quality of being fair and impartial.

How this particular racist got funding is bewildering.


I have already terminated my subscription (it ends towards the end of this month). This forum is running out of steam when it comes to interesting topics. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Perhaps it is also time to reflect why some folks have stuck it out for so long on this forum? I certainly asked myself the question just before hitting the cancelled button.

Topics that are posted are not very broad in scope, and some have been flogged to death - I just don’t read anything anymore on Trans - a few regulars lock onto it and tie themselves up in the same old knots - I just don’t find it stimulating or interesting anymore.

There are only a few of us that comment on this forum, most folks just seem to visit the discussion without contributing themselves - why? The comments are generally not that insightful - one can get much better insights generally if one searches elsewhere.

What is unique to me is that one can get feedback on one’s own thoughts, which is difficult to find elsewhere. Some of this can be pathetic point scoring which can be dismissed by just ignoring certain contributors. On several occasions when the responses have been on topic, they can be very insightful and has influenced my perspective.

The critical aspect here is willingness to engage on fresh topics - and this is the area that I fear is lacking. Without that, the site very soon does not warrant the time it takes to review the material.

Any thoughts on how this can be improved, or any suggestions on other forums which might be more interesting?

Is it possible that Claire is bored with QC and unsubscribed herself some time ago?


Perhaps she is trying to get more engagement and therefore deciding to go along the less intellectual and more partisan route?


Lol. That Architect image I posted to @JohnGalt in response to him saying this place was built by the users is more fitting that I thought.

First we lost people when it moved to QC then again during the great purge and now it looks like a move away from QC.

She keeps building and scrapping and rebuilding trying to escape the anomaly and have everything in working order but then it’s all out of balance.


I think its a way to make it so that people can’t create their own threads. That’s one thing she was complaining about people doing when she stepped in and said she’d start moderating the place herself. People making threads instead of purely discussing the articles. She was like “you’re supposed to be talking about this, not that!

This is the next step to isolating it all. First isolate the comments to QC and disable cross comments under articles for sensitive topics like “cuties is a great film” and “why is everyone against sexualizing children?”

Is there even any way to reach QC from quillette magazine anymore or have all ties been completely severed?

Of course she wouldn’t notify us here because the longer people are kept in the dark, the longer they keep paying, oblivious to any difference.


That’s the thing. One can improve one’s game if one is the sort of fish that’s interested in self improvement. One might even help others improve their game where that’s admissible. Possibly loosen rusted bolts of rusty minds. It’s the conversation that interests me even more than the articles.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. There was the one purge – which turned out to be the right thing after all – and the mechanics of the place has been changed a few times but that’s to be expected, everything online evolves does it not? I don’t think Claire is trying to ‘escape’ anything.

She could just turn off that functionality if she wanted to.

That’s retarded Johnny. We are rather obviously not oblivious, what are we talking about just now? All posters will notice the changes the first time they use the new system. I have no idea what Claire is thinking but Quillette without QC is just another substack.


Perhaps she just wants more subscribers? Compare Quillette to the Daily Wire or Locals and the number of folks engaged on any particular topic is very small in comparison.
The problem with the other forums is that they are about personalities, Ben Shaperio and Dave Rubin respectively. They make the comments on a topic, and their fan base swoons in appreciation. You get something from the personalities insight, nothing from the comments of their supporters.
Claire is no personality and adds nothing to the discussion herself. She therefore personally has no fan base.
Her business model appears to have others publish in depth analysis of topics that she thinks are interesting and in that way attract an audience. The problem with this approach by its very nature is that the topics are not current, and therefore won’t have the potential to go “semi-viral”. They are also very long, which excludes over 90% of the population with the attention span of a gnat.

They provoke in-depth discussion, which we see only engages a very small community, generally less than 5 on any specific topic.

How does one compete in this space against the Daily Wire, Locals, or Joe Rogan when it comes to revenue generated?

Perhaps it is just the business model that is not sustainable?

That is my only objective. I read a lot to satisfy this need. Sometimes it is useful to share your thoughts out loud to get some feedback. Not many forums provide that opportunity. Most are echo chambers, which I find pretty useless at meeting that objective.


We’ve had threads go on for a thousand posts and involve dozens of people. True, the regular posters are far fewer than the number of readers, but I’ve heard tell that many readers enjoy the comments even if they don’t participate, so Claire should keep that in mind. Sometimes I think I myself talk too much, but then I’ll get a PM from someone telling me to keep up the good work – often someone who doesn’t post very often themselves.

I’m far from a social media expert, but QC is, so far, head and shoulders above anything else I’ve found where just that sort of interaction is … was going to say ‘possible’, but that’s not it – it’s possible in a thousand places, but only worth it here, because, as you say, the back and forth on most sites is ‘Twitter quality’ – crap. Warts and all, QC gives you something like a worthwhile conversation.

And, what Claire seems to be missing, is that it’s the functionality of the Discourse software that runs QC that makes it such a pleasure to use. Compare Areo – good articles, but the comment functionality is just ‘substack’ – one can’t really have a conversation like you can here. Without the current level of functionality Quillette will fade to obscurity I fear. @claire are you listening? What’s the plan?


Could she? Either way she initially was like that about people creating topics.

I’m not so sure discourse is as straightforward as all that. Claire and Harry haven’t proven themselves to be the most technologically savvy. Imagine a program where anyone with mod status can change the avatar of anyone else, including other mods, and between the four or five active IT types in the community (at least 3 also with mod status) can’t find any recorded instances of the changes or have any way of knowing who did it? (Spoilers, I did.) My exp with discourse says it’s not so intuitive to understand or customize, and that it flat out can’t do a lot things.

Pick one. I’ll switch out escape for avoid which seems more accurate.

Absolutely! The fact that the comments flow as a chronological stream, but with links up and down, is what makes it work so well. It allows a conversation to engage multiple voices, where as in substack and most other formats, comments branch off to die. They never come back to feed an evolving idea.

As you say, they are longer than typical pieces in a lot of other fora. It takes an investment of time to get thru them, but that investment is rewarded by seeing what others have to say, where the comments are not simply “Here! Here!” or “You’re a joker!” But that’s exactly what it’s turning into under several recent articles in Quillette. Though today’s piece “Idelogical Refusal” is generating good commengts.


Well if curating the people who use your site is to be called ‘escaping’ then fine, but that’s a strange use of the word. In any case, who would she be wanting to ‘escape’ from now? She can purge anyone she wants without changing the format of the site.

Yeah, and that’s necessary to have a conversation – other sites let you ‘comment’ but not converse.

But now all articles are ‘islands’, there is no way to monitor new comments on old threads and hop between them. What’s her problem with QC? Zoe says it’s expensive. Dunno, how much does Discourse charge? But then again Zoe said there are no plans to kill QC, but that seems incorrect – if it starves to death for lack of articles, that kills it, no?


She has a rich history of jettisoning the commentariat. The Heterodox Forum facebook group started as the official Quillette group. Claire threatened to gas it completely but eventually let them keep it under a new name. It happened here, and it’s all kind of happening again. But rather than dump the people, as you say she’s going to dump the format that facilitates the community aspect.

I think its because people on the left talk about her deplorable userbase, and unlike the aforementioned Rubin, she actually cares about getting into the left’s good books. I’m most certain that this has its role in the current situation.


I think this is the reason. Conversing lends itself to escalation. We’re supposed to be listening to the author like it’s some lecture, not showing them up. That’s another thing too. People often said the comments were better than the articles. I don’t think that was ever the plan.

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But everything she publishes is anti-woke. Her trying to get in with the left is like a German Jew trying to get in with the Nazis or a negro trying to join the Klan. Q is attractive precisely because it is not in thrall to the left – may as well just join The Conversation if you want the usual leftie/woke garbage. The more deplorable the left thinks we are, the more people who are still sane will want to join. Na, I can’t buy it Johnny.

In any case her subscribers are here for the conversation, why would she disappoint us? If she drives ‘us’ away, who’s going to replace us? Wokies? Gimme a break. But I wish she’d come clean and let us know what she’s up to. Disturbing that she doesn’t, I’ll admit.


Exactly. The woke doesnt wholly comprise the side of the culture war she is on, hence the constant digs on trump and the left/liberal authors, few if not none of which are actually self identified as right wing or conservative (am I wrong?), her strong stance on the vaccine and the ridiculous “we believe in science” disclaimer to justify it when asked why so orthodox? You know and the happy club med quarantine camps. Abortion too, I’d bet.

What you’re saying you can’t buy into is the notion that anyone would try to cleanse their tribe of its extemists but still want to remain loyal to the tribe. Doesn’t that describe your typical quillette author? Or that Lemur guy?


heterodox liberal, hetero- in that she mostly rejects hyper-progressive redefinitions of liberalism, but she clings strongly to a belief in “classical enlightenment liberalism.” Some of us see more flaws, contradictions and cracks in classical liberalism, and turn toward other variants, whether libertarian, or Burkean conservative, or faith-rooted, or whatever. But she holds her spot.

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