Race and Social Panic at Haverford: A Case Study in Educational Dysfunction

Originally published at: https://quillette.com/2020/12/01/race-and-social-panic-at-haverford-a-case-study-in-educational-dysfunction/

“You have continued to stand as an individual that seems to turn a blind eye to the stuff that’s going on, as a black woman that is in the [college] administration,” said the first-year Haverford College student. “I came to this institution”—and here she pauses for a moment, apparently fighting back tears—“I expected you, of…


I am a black woman who has lived in a black body for 56 years

What an insipid phrasing.

These colossal idiots deserve each other. These know-nothing students and the faculty who presume to let them rule. They can’t conceive of any source of their unhappiness but what they evil ideology has prescribed for it.

They are a disease.

Of all the Haverford community members I spoke with, the only one who asked to be quoted by name was recently graduated philosophy major Alex Gutierrez, who once summarized the mindset of campus activists in an essay about Jacques Lacan. “Modern activists have psyches that are built for the joy of transgression,” he observed. “They engage in activism so they can repeatedly experience that joy, a joy that is denied them in everyday life because everyday life is dominated by the ethics of pleasure… And so they need to invent fictional dominant orders so that they can defy them. This is why protesters would actually be extremely unhappy if oppression went away. They want white patriarchy to be as powerful as possible, so they can defy it.”


I suppose this article counts as “far-right” in the minds of the people who insist that Quillette must now publish a pro-CCP article for the sake of “ideological balance”.



After all, how many of us could sit there during that Zoom call, keeping our egos and tempers in check while being hectored publicly by some of the most privileged youth in America—and then succeed in passing the check to parents and donors, all the while proclaiming the whole thing a victory for social justice?

The word “parents” occurs three times in this article, but I don’t see that the author actually talked to any of them.

I’m curious to hear more about them, and from them, in articles like these. I’d like to know their thoughts about spending $54,000 a year on tuition for their children to play at being activists at a small college that most people have never heard of.

Is there really any social value in being a Haverford graduate? Anything like being a graduate of Princeton or Yale? If there is, it so far escapes me.

I’d really like to know what these wealthy parents think they are getting for their money. Too often, they’re invisible, silent partners in this hot mess.


I have been reading such articles and talking with profs and students since ten-fifteen years ago when the “liberals” began to realize the left was a danger. Lots of talking and lots of reading. And the result - the universities become more intolerant and totalitarian every day. I am an entrepreneur who works in the real world, and do not believe in useless activities. The left began their takeover in the late 1960s when I was a part of it in college. My 29 year entrepreneurial experience prepared me to read reality very quickly or perish. Academics read reality very slowly. The author concludes there is hope because a few students still are brave enough to voice a heterodox view. A little more reality and most of them will stop risking their grades, livelihood, social isolation and bodily injury.
It is this slow-learning academic coterie that lacks any courage of any kind to fight what is the total and complete destruction of liberal education.
I can only conclude that the campuses have been cleansed of brave fighters. So academia will wallow in insane ideology, strife or self-pity as strong alternatives grow out of perhaps the powerful homeschool movement. Courageous people reside in that movement.
This article does nothing to douse the raging fires of the left. It is too late.


Contrast them with the leftists who were starting out on their campaign to infiltrate the universities even before you were a student.

Courageous in their (lying and devious) way. Not afraid of a fight. Not afraid to risk their jobs.


Thanks to Mr. Kay for another very interesting and informative article, but:-

“When campus meltdowns of this type occur, you often see conservative culture warriors demand that administrators take a hard line, demonstrate backbone, “grow a spine,” and so forth. But what is their incentive for doing so?”

So, simply doing the right thing is no longer an incentive? And Mr. Kay seems to here draw a distinction between himself and “conservative culture warriors”. Yet most of the Wokerati would probably denounce Mr. Kay himself as a conservative culture warrior.

“In fact, I’m not really sure that what happened at Haverford actually qualified as a “strike” per se , since the word, in its usual sense, suggests two parties with divergent interests.”

Like Greta Thunberg’s school “strike” which was organized BY the schools, not against them.


This is a peak at what’s to come in a Biden administration. As 4chan says, “accelerate”. The stuff that used to just be confined to campuses only is now in the mainstream press and in every school in the USA. What is going to happen is that they will eat themselves, it’s already starting to happen as the dates on this are October and November 2020. I’ll hand out the popcorn.


There’s no way the students can undo this insanity. All they can do is escape from it and advise younger students to stay away and not waste four years and 200K+ on such absurdity.

The real class of people to solve this is the adults: the parents, trustees, and outside accreditation committees. Unfortunately, they abandoned their posts a decade+ ago and are nowhere to be found.

And the piece demonstrated a disturbing, underappreciated truth about the younger Millennials: they’re not fleeing from authority and repression; they’re fleeing toward it. Like the Red Guards of 1966 and the Brownshirts of 1933, they want to be a part of repression, not overthrow it.

POSTSCRIPT: Thanks everyone for your “likes” :slight_smile: Considering running toward repression, I’m reminded of Erich Fromm’s Escape from Freedom.


The president of a university serves at the pleasure of the university board, and the provost serves at the pleasure of the president, vice-provost at the pleasure of the provost, and so forth. The administrators in this case were doing exactly what their Board wanted them to do: pacify, capitulate, appease, etc. – do whatever it takes to discourage the escalation of student anger and unrest, and be in a position to declare “victory for all” at the end of it. Many of the social justice warrior students are looking for a cause that is bigger than oneself; they want to be a part of something big and want to feel that they are on the right side of history. It gives their lives meaning. Some other students are likely more motivated by feelings of power – bullying and intimidating the runts (i.e., university administrators, other students) provides them a power rush. Students that are not really on board with it all will acquiesce to the will of their vocal peers because they realize that “this too will pass” and there is no need to get bludgeoned with the label of racist by being a contrarian. Over time, however, they will resent being bullied. Ditto for faculty members that go along with it but don’t like it.

While Mr. Kay’s story was interesting, the outcome was predictable. A collection of silly policies, practices, and gestures that don’t actually lift up any group that is truly being oppressed or disadvantaged. But, the institution is able to carry on without a really ugly incident occurring that chases away too many future student (e.g., see the University of Missouri a few years back – things got out of hand and enrollment dropped significantly and it still has not fully recovered potential students were worried that it was not a safe place to go to school - https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/09/us/university-of-missouri-enrollment-protests-fallout.html). Haverford provides the playbook for handling campus unrest in the year 2020; namely “let the Wookiee win” (or Wokey in this case).


Generation Zer: Worst. Generation. Ever.


Fighting the revolution IS the leftist’s livelihood. Their courage grows as every liberal and most conservatives capitulate to their madness.


From the article:

When students complained that Raymond had caused them “harm” with her October 28th email, they weren’t really speaking up as activists denouncing racism on campus (since there doesn’t seem to be much of it), but as consumers whose parents paid good money for them to experience the sensation of transgressive social-justice heroism. “Normally, the administrators are the perfect target for student transgression,” Gutierrez told me. “They take the abuse and they’re not supposed to push back. That’s part of their role. That’s what students expect.”

This reminds me of the HBO remake West World, where rich people, who are cowards in real-life, pay to be bad-ass gun slingers and violent rapists, without suffering the consequences. Each night the “host” bodies are removed and each day starts fresh from scatch.

The campuses described in this articles are parent-subsidized Woke Worlds with university administrators playing the hosts.


My child is a student at Haverford. This event has strained credulity. The kids did not receive an education for days because of this and, moreover, were afraid to emerge from their rooms for fear of harassment/bullying/shaming from the protesters. Entire departments’ faculties simply chose not to teach, and the biology department declared that it would cancel all classes for the rest of the semester, replacing them with seminars on race. Profs are allowed to convert grading to P/F for everyone because protesters listed somewhere, among their multitude of grievances, that they struggle academically. The entire anthropology department seems to have aided the protesters in researching for and then writing their manifesto and lists of demands. Students at other schools have been infected and intoxicated by the fervor, and this scenario has also been playing out at Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore, and possibly also Penn. The administration has steadfastly essentially refused to engage with parents who are asking questions about what is happening to their children’s educations, both in their chosen coursework and socially, and to the College’s professed values as embodied by their hallowed Honor Code, which has now been reduced to a grim joke. I believe the College’s Annual Giving fundraising will be hard hit as fallout; much harder hit than from the loss of any giving withheld by the handful of strike-supporting alums. And this would be deserved.


Hi all! I’m Alex Gutierrez, the alum quoted in this article. If you’re interested in talking to me in private channels, email me at alexg14999@gmail.com.


Holy shit that is obscene.

The fight against woke terror is ongoing. I’ve formed a small group of HC students and alums whose long-term goal is to expose the woke madness to the rest of the world and hopefully start to reform HC’s discursive culture. My friends and I would love to hear from you personally about your experiences. Email me at alexg14999@gmail.com.


Close the Colleges. Confiscate their lands and money. Send the administrators and faculty to the galleys to row them across the oceans. Sell the students in the slave markets of Arabia. Burn down the buildings, plow the land under and sow it with salt.


Cruel, but fair


From my lips, to God’s ears. I really wasn’t expecting a Haverford parent to show up here.


If you read my comment above, you know what I want to hear.

Why are you paying $54,000 a year to send your child to this school? Seriously.

Do you feel that you are getting value for your money? Never mind for the moment what your child thinks. As a parent who is responsible for the welfare of his child, are you getting what you need?


I was going to ask @Dickens the same questions.

As an Australian where the system of higher education is different to that in the US, I was wondering whether Dickens’child could easily transfer to another universty where such madness isn’t present, or whether he or she is in effect committed to finishing a degree at Haveford.