Rape and alternative explanations to Patriarchy

I am trying to locate good research on rape which doesn’t fit into the conventional narrative of rape being a function of the patriarchy, social construction and standard feminist narratives. So far from what I’ve read it appear to be multicausal, with various hypothesis relating to a history of child abuse, fatherlessness, association with dark triad traits and the ASPD spectrum (which seem to appear, but are not strong enough to be definitively causal).

Is it just me, or is scientific research in this field extremely thin on the ground and sadly lacking? Do I not know the right terminology and language to be able to interrogate high quality information out of Google, DuckDuckGo! and Google Scholar? I did find several sources which suggested that fatherless children were 14 times more likely to go onto to commit rape, but all of them reference the same source, and a rebuttal source claimed the statistics were calculated incorrectly- with rape only four times more likely amongst men who grew up and fatherless boys, and I am somewhat wary of the problem of correlation vs. causation…

Any help on the this subject would be greatly appreciated!