So I'm writing a book now ;)

And the topic is, “How we choose to suffer by our own free will and then blame God… for not taking away our freedom entirely, I suppose?”

And no, it’s not another incarnation of the self-help/buddhist “you are the only person responsible for your happiness” crap – I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. You can’t be happy on your own while others suffer their shades of misery1 – your own human nature won’t allow it, for starters. And if that weren’t enough, all those less fortunate ppl, they love company, and, yes, they are looking at you (and, yes, they’d be happy to follow you all the way to your fucking Mars colony, if they had to :two_hearts:)

So if you want to be happy, it’s not enough to sort out your own shit, to deal with your own trauma / bad coping habits and to answer them eternal questions, like, the meaning of life and death and why not just shoot yourself and be done with it. No, you will also need to figure out how to end everyone else’s suffering, which is hard not because everyone is different,2 but because no one owes you shit.

You can be enlightened like Jesus times ten, but they won’t listen to you because you want them to, or because you know it’d be good for them. They won’t stop punishing themselves just because that is your wish. No sir – if it is you who wants to change the world, then it is you who would have to change, who would have to adapt and find a way that works for others.

The good news is that you won’t have to do it alone. God is on your side, on our side, on humanity side. She has been babysitting us for 3000 years, keeping us from destroying ourselves – 'cause we would! – but giving us the freedom to make mistakes; hoping, with an infinite patience, for the day when we finally learned our lesson. And She’s been helping us in every way She could, but no one can walk that path for us, and no one can be told what the Matrix truth is.

And it’s been forever, but we never stopped learning and God never lost faith in us, even as we kept losing our faith in God and in ourselves…

Anyway, here is what I’ve got so far. Comments are very welcome, either here, or you can add it in the Google doc itself. And thank you for reading this far.

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1 The same concept is known to Zulu speakers as “ubuntu” – literally, “I am because we are”.

2 We aren’t, actually, we all are end up dealing with the same problems, repeating the same mistakes, learning the same lessons – but God forbid telling your children that the “happily ever after” is but a fairy tale.