Sydney Summer Meetup?

Not sure if there are any Sydney reader around, but Hi!

I am thinking of organising some meetups here and maybe see if we could invite some guests coming over giving talks. Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:


Definitely interested!

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Sure thing. I am involved in a start up very much in the realm of culture and politics so it’d be good to bounce ideas and chat about what’s going on in Sydney.


I’m keen to meet other Sydney readers. I’m so proud to be working for Quillette and yet hardly anyone I know seems to know who we are. It’s been hard to boast!


Wow! Thanks for all your quick replies! Maybe we can arrange a time for drink first, and discuss what we could do from there. I am sure there are more Sydney readers (and writers) than us.

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I’d be keen to meet Sydney peeps. @edwardho @Stephanie

I work part time 3 days a week. Thurs/Fri are fine to meet. Happy to meet on weekends as well.

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Sounds good. Drinks somewhere in the CBD or at one of the more accessible beaches, perhaps?

If we want talks for the actual meetup, we’d need to find an appropriate venue, which would probably require booking at a cost.

I reckon a small group would be best at first so just us and whoever else peruses these forums. We can then go from there before we start worrying about money.

Agree - let’s start small, and see what we will do from there.

Anyway I will be leaving for Hong Kong for 2-3 weeks, I am happy to organize / join one in December.

All the best in HK
Hope it’s okay. You have ties there?

To see the protests? Keep safe, come back with great stories!

December sounds great. I have a newborn (2 weeks) and I’m on maternity leave, so I can do any day during parent-friendly hours.

Mostly because my family is back there - and also would want to understand more about how both sides think. What I know is based on news only…

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Yes family living there :frowning: So gotta go and visit them.

All the best. Stay safe buddy

Thanks mate! Will share more when I am back

How does Thursday at the Chippendale Hotel at 1800 pm sound? Choosing Thursday because Fridays can often be too busy at pubs. Our office is near Wynyard but Chippendale is pretty easy to get to (the fact I live in Chippendale, I swear, is a meager coincidence :slight_smile: )

This is not an official event; I am just proposing a date, time and reasonable location.

You mean 21/11? That’s sound good. I can come by and say hi to everyone (early flight on Friday lol).

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Yeah. Thursday 21st of November, 6pm at “The Chippo” I am thinking every Thursday for a little while and we can build up some kind of informal semi regular event. We can discuss making it more formal and the possibility of having talks and presentations in person. I kind of just would like to meet fellow Quillette readers.