The Benefits of World Hunger

This UN article has been pulled, but an archive still exists. - The Benefits of World Hunger

It’s a good thing the WEF controlled Dutch government is going in to kill the Dutch livestock. The farmers resisting/protesting this beneficial
culling are but petulant ingrates.

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Similar protests are happening all over Europe. People don’t know about them like they know about the Canadian trucker protest because Justin Trudeau, incompetent fool and canary in the coal mine that he is, showed the rest of his World Leacher peers what not to do by going in front of the cameras and calling hundreds of thousands of people standing up for their rights a small fringe minority. The follow up Trucker protest in the US had little to no coverage in the mainstream and neither does this showdown in the Netherlands.

Do not eat the bugs.

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You get that it’s satire?


I get that A Modest Proposal is satire. And I get that when feminists reference it to excuse their old hashtag about cutting men’s pay to close the supposed pay gap, they think theyre being satirical, but the real difference is Jonathan Swift was making fun of the wealthy elite while feminists were actually referencing themselves and they no doubt wanted to close that gap. “By any means necessary” as they say.

Killing the livestock is not satire. Pushing people to eat mealworm is not satire. They think this article is satire, but it lines up exactly with their goals. It’s a smokescreen. It obviously hit too close to home for them to delete it.

I suppose this wardrobe choice is satirical too.

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If only there were some way of knowing who the insane bad guys are.

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About the author
George Kent
George Kent is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii. He works on human rights, international relations, peace, development and environmental issues, with a special focus on nutrition and children. He has written several books, the latest is Freedom from Want: The Human Right to Adequate Food.

Kent is obviously a do-gooder who imagines he’s illustrating how conservatives see poverty.

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Alright you got me. I wanted to start up a thread about the Dutch farmers protests (and others happening around Europe) and immediately before coming here to start one I saw that UN article headline and it was funny sounding and fresh in my mind so I used it as a segue into the Dutch farmer thing without reading it, unfortunately also making it the subject title of the thread. Squirrel!

See how I segue into that in the first post then follow up with another post about the Dutch protests. But thats a huge hiccup on my part, not even reading the article then giving the thread a misleading title.There’s no need for anyone to be discussing what’s going on in Holland right now when such a huge hiccup is exposed to be jumped all over. Thats much more satisfying. Fuck the stupid Dutch Kulaks. Nothing to see there.

You win the internet.

Feeling cute, might start a better thread about it when not pressed for time later, idk.

Now that prof Kent is dealt with we can do the Dutch farmers.
Did you know that the Netherlands is 2nd in the world as an agricultural exporter in $ terms?

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I did not. That’s way too high on the list. No one needs to be second place at anything. The question is who’s first? Whoever it is, we should kill 50% of their livestock immediately and shoot at anyone who tries to stop us.

I… don’t understand the relevance of them being #2 in exports. It seems like a strange thing to open with. But of course I can’t rightly complain about that.

Obviously Dutch farmers are important to the Dutch economy, cutting them down is going to affect the income of just about everyone in the country.

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The poverty in most poorer countries is due to bad governance in those countries, it’s not caused by evil wealthy countries, is not the responsibility of wealthy countries and cannot be solved by wealthy countries.


You seem sympathetic to the Dutch people. I figure most level headed people should be, but round here that’s nothing to go by.

You seem not to like leftist ideology either which is what’s driving this mass slaughter of innocent creatures, but you also seem to be concerned about climate change much like those guys in 1989 who predicted the world would be underwater by the year 2000. So it’s interesting to Guage your response here. You haven’t given any commital take. Nor are you obligated, of course.

Anyways yes this will impact them huge. What I find interesting is the lack of mainstream coverage. Seems like huge news. Seems like something you’d actually see about on television in the 80s or 90s. Maybe not, who knows. But I get the feeling the media blackout on this us to keep people in the dark because they can no longer come up with ways to put positive spins on what their masters are doing to the people. So they just look the other way.

We’re supposed to believe if we give them enough money in taxes they can change the chemical composition of the earth. But they can’t fix a fucking pothole.

I was reading about back in the past the rich used to be a full several inches taller than average than the working poor due to better nutrition, and a while host of other health discrepancies. They say these cockroaches they want us to eat are more protien packed than beef, but that could be some technical claim that means nothing in context of actually how healthy they are for the human body. I doubt if they have any fats to them, for example.

I’d like to see a deep dive into the practical nutritional value of eating bugs vs real meat. All I hear about is how protien rich they are. I havent seen them say anything else. It sounds like spin tbh.

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My concern about climate change is the mind numbingly idiotic misrepresentations we see about the science. On right of centre sites I end up being condemned as an alarmist, on left of centre sites as a denier. No matter how much the effects might suit this or that ideology, ideology isn’t going to change the physics by an erg.


My experience exactly, although I have had the privilege of both denunciations on the same site on the same thread. Neither set of fundamentalists will tolerate any questions or any doubts.


Every one of those innocent creatures was scheduled for slaughter anyway. Yeah the Dutch government has been a bit heavy handed here – why should today be different? – and they should listen to the farmers and back off a wee bit, but there is no deep conspiracy here, just a bit of over zealous eco-righteousness.

Don’t get cute with me, Ray. I’m on to your game.

(Saw that a couple days ago, nabbed it then got impatient and used it just now. A better prompt will present itself in the future but it’ll be too late and I’ll be like Garfield when he opens his mouth twice the height of his own head and screams “AARGH!”)

Yeah but they want to slaughter the animals based on models and simulations which are never accurate just so they can feel like heroes instead of the terrible people they truly are because they have nothing better to do than shove everyone around. It’s kinda different from slaughtering them to feed people.

I never called it a conspiracy. How can it be when it’s out in the open? There might be some conspiring to keep a lid on it in the media, esp after Trudeau’s attempt to demonize protestors backfired and only brought more attention and sympathy to their cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were told to hush up about this after that. There’s just no way they can continue to BS whats happening into some positive spin. There’s nothing positive about anything these meddling vermin do.

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I became curious about what actual Dutch climate activists think of the farmer demonstrations. I couldn’t find anything at Code Rood (Dutch for “Code Red”) - their main preoccupation seems to be shutting down Shell for being a “neocolonial” enterprise - but their Facebook page led me to “CaringFarmers.NL”, who have a statement on the nitrogen protests. Basically they say they are pro-farmer, but farms need to be sustainable; they want more farmers, not less; if even one farm has to close, it’s a political failure; and they invite interested farmers to join them. So maybe I could sum up by saying, they’re pro-farm, so long as the farms look less like agribusiness and more like permaculture.

Whether groups like this will have any effect on how the political standoff is eventually resolved, I don’t know. I see the four factions here as green technocrats (for whom these diktats are just another tool of macroeconomic management, designed to deal with a new class of “externalities”), green activists (deep-green eco-Maoists seeking a non-profit pastoral utopia), professional farmers (middle-class to quite wealthy, practical businesses who earn a living as farmers, some of whom have been doing it for generations), and liberty activists (for whom this is just another example of contemporary authoritarian lunacy).


This guy knows the score. Check out the smug way Rutte tries to weasel his way out of the question. These people (I use the term loosely) just straight up lie through their teeth. We should be tarring and feathering these commie pieces of shit. Absolutely nothing of value will be lost.

(you have to click through for the video).

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In Canada, questions about which members of Parliament have ties to the WEF are verboten. You know you’re over the target when…

That was a while ago I think. Maybe the tide is turning, however slowly. Even Newsweek via MSN posted this. So I guess no conspiracy to keep it hush, unless they didn’t get the memo or someone on the inside is going rogue.


Have you read Geary’s latest substack article? He’s even harsher than you on the subject.