The Case Against Hate-Speech Laws: a Canadian Perspective

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Social media, with Q Forum excepted, already stops “hate-speech” by putting people in time-out. I am finishing (in 3 days) yet another FB TO - this one for stating the truth about Russian soldiers in Ukraine. I’ve had a 30 day TO about every quarter for the last 2 years. One was for the word “trannie”. I have a perma-ban in Reddit for saying that “trannies are eunuchs”, which is the truth.

Conservative speech is routinely called hate speech on most social media today.

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I’ve been banned on Facebook for some crazy stuff. Once, when a friend commented about finding half a dozen snakes in their house, I commented, “Burn it down. Move”. FB flagged it for inciting violence, and stuck with the suspension even after review.

Another time, I commented on my favorite restaurant’s page that after three months in Malaysia, I’d almost kill a man for a cheeseburger and onion rings. They refused to review that one, claiming a lack of manpower… (Apparently, Zuck doesn’t like onion rings…)

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I’ve never liked “hate speech” statutes or “hate crimes” statutes.

With the latter, it takes the mens rea component out of the definition of a crime, and makes the thought itself a crime. “How do you know it was a hate crime?” “Well, the victim was black/yellow/XX chromosome/a self-identified trannie etc.” Assault has been forbidden for thousands of years, there’s no need to start guessing about the person’s motives in order to pile on more jail time.

With the former, there’s just too much room for the silencing of political opponents.

Sounds like section 319 is already too much. Expanding isn’t going to lead to anything good.


What is concerning, and very disturbing, is that the Q Forum has begun to institute speech codes.

Why has Q instituted speech codes? This forum used to be a place for robust discussion.

I may not be able to continue my payment for the forum.

I will discontinue my subscription when it expires. I am not interested in being policed by any school-marms and most certainly not by an Australian…

Have some of your posts been taken down? 9 of mine were struck off this morning, and 3 yesterday. While I do go over the top at times, many of my posts were not deranged. They were taken down anyway.