The White House’s Specious Gender Manifesto

Thank you for sharing your view of the world, i understand you better now.

Would an intelligent person engage in such “efforts”?

Why would you want an ally that constantly twists the reality in an endless show of mind contortionism? Her ways would harm a cause more than help it.


2am Sydney time. Go Liverpool!!! :heartbeat:

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I’m more of a Chelsea supporter, but do remember with great fondness sitting in a pub in Birkinhead (across the Mersy from Liverpool) and watching a Red-Southhampton game in 2017.


Because if she broke free of the religion, she’d no longer be compelled by it to perform those contortions.


This from Christopher Rufo on the special case of Disney and the State of Florida seems appropriate:


That would be sooo not fun, would miss her contortionism and attitude, and above all her links that give a chilling glimpse into “the other side”.

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I sorta know what you mean. But I don’t like to have fun at other’s expense. True, it is valuable to have a real live wokie to … examine … ‘study’ might be better. It is reassuring to know that the best they can do is to tie themselves in knots … and it is sorta fun I admit. But did you know El back in the old days? Those of us who do, miss her as she was.

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I knew a kid in college who had skipped way ahead in school, he was 10 years old and very high IQ. He was Catholic, and mentioned once that he was considering becoming a priest…but he thought that before coming to any firm conclusions, he should wait till he was a little older and see how interested in Girls he turned out to be.

Smart kid. Message there for people considering early gender transition and their advisors.


Most of the boys who are trannie have never had sex. Most have never masturbated. Some are actually hating of the Mr. Johnson there between their legs.

No @Ella-B , the stats show that way many more young girls are exhibiting gender dysphoria in modern times.

I can show you hard stats.

It’s part of the female existence. Females need to be part of what is going on. This is most deeply felt as a teenager. Please don’t support medical or surgical intervention at that stage of life, @Ella-B . You know we were both confused kids at that age.


No stats on gender dysphoria prevalence & no evidence of contagion…yet.


The prevalence of gender dysphoria in children is unknown due to the absence of formal prevalence studies.[36] Gregor et al. state that “children who are not brought to the attention of specialised clinics do not feature in gender dysphoria studies and thus there may be a far greater prevalence of children with gender identity issues (who may or may not experience distress as a result) than these studies suggest.”[40]

A November 2021 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics analyzed clinical data of teenagers seen in gender clinics and found no support for ROGD being a distinct phenomenon. The authors found no link between more recent onset of gender dysphoria and other mental health problems, and no link between recent onset and a high level of support from online or transgender friends.[16]

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It doesn’t matter in the grander scheme of things. We’re all floating kites on Quillette right now cos we’re so damn comfortable in life and so we need to fight.




I didn’t. I guess she might be in there somewhere Ray - I hope you find her. I bear zero ill will to the current El identity; she’s free to have whatever views she wants and to express them; ironically what she advocates for would not and does not tolerate the same. Irony of ironies.
PS. I try to keep the personal stuff out but you’ve lamented several times now Ray. Maybe that plane has sailed?


If a plane is sailing then it is properly referred to as a “trans-boat”. Don’t be a transvehiclephobe.


:rofl:Good spot Pat - I’ll check my privilege in future. To all those planes out there that identify as boats, all those boats that identify as planes and all those planes and boats that haven’t decided or identify in some other way, may the laws of physics be always in your favour.


I know I push the boundaries of good taste there. But dolphins wear their hearts on their flippers. But I should probably knock it off.

Physics-centrism is racist. Stop that.


“But did you know El back in the old days? Those of us who do, miss her as she was.”

No, I just encountered her recently. What was she like, and what appeared to have happened, in your view? Are you saying that she moved into being more woke? Or what?

In reviewing the few more recent comments I’ve seen from her (an unselected but small sample which may not be representative), I would be more embarrassed than pleased to have her “on my side”. For example:

This is just sooo typical of the argumentation style of neo-progressives: we’ll assert that anything we dislike is discredited, providing nothing better than a wikipedia link which just shows that there is some controversy with some supporters and some opponents (which nobody denies). Her article on ROGD, after a special additional review under pressure from critics/activists, was edited in minor ways and republished with the results section unchanged. How is that constitute being “discredited”, much less “famously” so?

I’m not seeing a style of argument I want to endorse, whether they agree or disagree with me. Was it previously different?