The Witching Hour Approaches -- Freddie de Boer

“There is a second front, in this war, a hidden battlefield on which the social justice movement is slowly losing to the forces of… not liberalism, not reaction, not conservatism, not civil liberties, not plain ol’ common sense, but anarchy, resistance, revulsion towards piety, the desire for revenge, the death drive, animal spirits, the id, the unheimlich, Jungian impulse, and most of all utter and total moral exhaustion. These are chip chip chipping away at the arrogant command of our moral betters.”


So what pulls Western Society out of this seemingly inevitable nosedive into anarchic oblivion - WAR.

Or should I say Total War. Not the low intensity Special Operations led hunt for jihadists that has occupied our minds for the past twenty years, but War that cuts a swathe through entire communities. Not a covert War conducted by a tiny percentage of society, but rather War that leaves it’s stain on rich & poor alike.

Total War focuses societies mind in a way that forces it to discard everything that doesn’t aid in the cause of winning, or rather surviving. So called “Culture Wars” will evaporate immediately in the face of the stark reality that Total War represents to any culture wishing to survive.

A military confrontation between China and an ailing America and her allies may yet be the bloody panacea the West needs.

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Uh, no.

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Maybe. Weak men have made bad times, but bad times make strong men who then make good times again. It might take the horror of a real war to put micro-aggressions back in context. If I had magical powers I’d send all the wokies to Somalia for a year to put some perspective into them regarding their hatred of their own culture.