This thing used to fluctuate

It’s been sitting at 726 for at least two weeks but it used to change every day or two.

Well, I’ve written an email to Claire Lehmann and sent a message to her on the QC regarding a login matter. She’s never replied. If this is her approach to running a business, I will be cancelling my subscription when it runs out in 2023. It may be that others hold the same view and would appreciate the courtesy of a reply to their inquiries from an organization which they have supported financially. Maybe.

Yup, been feeling the same. I still cannot read subscriber only posts despite having emailed to the address that she specified just for correcting that matter. Very unprofessional.

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Claire does disappoint in that regard. You might think she’d have the time to spend a few minutes now and then attending to our little concerns. I noticed the same thing as Johnny above – even when the list of avatar/icons changes, the count stays at 726 and the ‘of 10,000’ can hardly be right.

How come there’s no Roe v Wade thread?

I started one, but then aborted the effort.


I appreciate that you are trying to make a funny abortion joke, but you didn’t deliver.