UK Grooming Gangs

Areo Magazine’s dangerously misleading response to the UK report on child sexual exploitation:


Why is this dangerously misleading? It’s an interesting piece, so what about it gives you problems?

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You’re right- politics and political correctness should not obscure the truth.

Fears over the far right using such information was exactly what allowed the scandal to brew unaddressed until it had spread across numerous towns and cities in the North of England. Treating the offenders just like any other suspected criminal, regardless of race or religion, would have made the problem an order of magnitude smaller, and mitigated the scandal once it broke. It’s also worth noting that numerous white women where implicated as facilitators for the grooming gangs.

This was a failure which implicated every level of the British Establishment- from police officers to social workers, from local councils to national political parties. To have the media and press attempt to smear one of the few individuals who showed the backbone to fulfil his public duty as a member of press, speaks to the extent to which the media has married itself to the apparatus of the establishment. Shame on them.


I think rod might be talking about the media’s misleading response, which the article discusses.

However, the article seems to accept the logical errors of the left. This isn’t about determining whether Asian men commit more sexual offences involving young girls. The real story is about the fact that the police, the media and the powers that be were too keen to turn a blind eye to the crimes ver a long period. They let the fear of seeming ‘‘racist’’ outwieg their duty to protect people. The fact that Asian men are more or less likely to rape young girls is irrelevant. These asian men did so as part of a gang.

the li that the left is pushing is that if white men are more likely to engage in abusing young girls, then there can be no such thing as Asian grooming gangs. it is absrd. But the left is so twisted and stupid it can believe in anything.


No, I mean the Areo article is misleading.

“Overall, it is dangerous to conclude anything other than that the data is unclear and we don’t know the truth yet…”

Derby Mohammed Liaqat

Derby Mohamed Rehman

Derby Ziafat Yasin

Accrington Amjad Hussain

Accrington Shahid Hussain

Accrington Tanveer Butt

Telford Amar Hussain

Oldham Shahzad Masood

Rochdale Abdul Qayyum

Ipswich Hamza Ali

Birmingham Raja Khan

Birmingham Adeeb Sultan

Keighley Shazad Rehman

Oxford Anjum Dogar

Oxford Assad Hussain

Oxford Mohammed Karrar

Oxford Bassam Karrar


Derby Graham Blackham

There you go!


From the article:

Some of the headlines that the report invited seemed to be aimed at the far-right, for whom the issue of child sexual exploitation has long been a pretext for racism, disguised as concern.

I suppose that for some on the left, the rape of young children will be a lesser evil than racism disguised as concern.


I actually agreed with you. Thus I said that the article accepts the logical errors of the left. The scandal isn’t about the number of rapes and what members of what race committed them, but about the fact that old Bill, some politicians and media pundits were so keen on denying that the Asian grooming gangs were operating to target white girls.

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“Asian men” meaning Pakistani men. The term “Asian men” I strongly believe to be used deliberately by the obfuscating media to conjure the mind-image of the stereotypical meek type with almond eyes, communal values, above average industriousness typically expressed through being good at math, and a vague sense of social awkwardness. This is the image “Asian men” conjures up in my mind, and I suspect in the minds of much of the Anglosphere. Juxtapose this with the very unpalatable string of words “gang rapes” and you elicit skepticism from the readership even before starting the article.


In North America “Asian” generally refers to Southeast Asians: Chinese, Japanese, etc. What used to be called “oriental” people until that was deemed offensive for no reason. I think in the UK it might more commonly refer to Middle Eastern people, though. I’m not sure how the average Brit would interpret the term “Asian man.” I guess if there are any average Brits here, they could answer that.

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It has never been seriously claimed that, in an overwhelmingly white country, a particular ethnic minority would account for most cases of child sexual exploitation.

A truly useless statement. Look at perpetrators of violent crime in the US.

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Most sexual abuse of children happens in the home by a relative or close friend, so it is no surprise a white majority country will have mostly white pedos. What parents fear isn’t that their spouse is a pedo, it’s that some stranger will steal their child. Among those cases, what proportion are Pakistani? Probably a disproportionate share, because otherwise lefties wouldn’t feel the need to deflect with statistical games.


I’m an average Brit and can confirm that the term Asian wasn’t widely used in Britain until it became the “officially” sanctioned term for non-white, non-black people. It’s become a term used not to clarify but to obscure. The sexual grooming gangs are predominantly Pakistani with a few chaps from the Middle East in the mix. Labelling them as Asians spreads the stigma amongst Indians, Chinese, and dozens of other groups who are entirely blameless. There is something very odd about the whole situation. How these enormous groups of men who all shared the same perversion without anyone taking action says something about their complete detachment from British society.


In the Qu’ran Muhammad married Aishia when 6, and consumated the marriage when she was 9. Mohammad is the perfect man to Muslims, and following their idol through the hadiths, there are portions of the Muslim community who wish to emulate Muhammad literally.
It must be worth mentioning that many don’t believe that the sex with white girls by mostly Pakistani and Bangladeshi men is directly pedophilia, but rather sex for dominance.
Often young good looking Pakistani boys will recruit young white girls who start off believing they’re entering into relationships, they then convince the girls to have sex with more and more men, effectively indoctrinating the girls into a cycle of abuse.
I’ve heard evidence of girls being gang raped, whereupon the guys were calling more and more of their friends to come quickly and join the queue.

The usual soft term is grooming gangs, as if these girls are visiting hair salons. The real name is rape gangs.


Not only that, but opposing Islam, even in the crude way of the English Defence League, isn’t racism


It’s true that most of the culprits are Pakistani, because most Muslims in Britain are of Pakistani descent. Some are from Northern India. The one thing which correlates most strongly with being a convicted child rape gang member is religion, rather than either race or nationality.


I thought my mum was bigoted when she told me as a teenager to never, ever date a Muslim. It took me many years to see just how right she was.

Islam is a death cult. It is centred squarely on the worship of a man who led a singularly unethical life. Westerners need to see that, or UK rape gangs will just be a taste of what we’re in for.


There’s a guy called Shaun Attwood who has made high volume Youtube videos regarding primarily this topic, drug distribution, Clinton criminality, and the Epstein scandal. His interviews people involved in the chains of such.

Attwood has interviewed former police who have been severely punished for trying to highlight the rape scandal. He shows with these witnesses how the whole system colludes to downplay the severity of this scandal.

One thing that concerns me is the sheer lack of Muslims coming forward as witnesses against these monsters. Theologists, reformationists such as Maajid Nawaz, and some outspoken conservatives such as Douglas Murray have created some awareness to why we have this culture clash regarding the outing of known criminals.

The problem it would appear is that to be a good Muslim you must adhere to every inclusion of the Qu’ran. Even if you don’t yourself as a Muslim live out a life literal to the word of Muhammad, you must still respect the teachings and life of the same. The majority of good Muslims stay quiet, or become outcasts within their community. This being a larger disgrace than to other faiths, as this religion fuses religion, politics and identity. Fight it and you become sub-human.


I live in the UK and this scandal has been going on for 20 years at least. The majority of the men involved were Pakistanis who owned kebab shops and drove taxis. Feminists have quite a different take on this. A female MP tried to raise this issue around 2004 as did Julie Bindel, a leading feminist. They were both told to stop being racist and ostracised by other left wing people. These men not only raped girls but terrorised their families with their own extended families. One girl told of how her rapist was given a prison sentence and supposed to be deported to Pakistan, was let out early and she bumped into him in the town centre where he still lives after human rights lawyers had his deportation delayed.


From what I can see, the real problem here is that the lefty do-gooders want to guard against a straw man, white racism, instead of fighting crime.

It doesn’t matter whether white men were likely to commit CSE. What happened was that in this case the Asian men did so for a long period without challenge because the authorities were scared that doing anything to stop the crimes would be seen as racist. The fact is that there were grooming gangs made up of Muslim men who were raping underage girls who were mostly white. The report writers can’t wish this away by trying to refocus the debate on “racism”.


I totally agree, and so does the British public. I mean imagine being a parent of one of these girls.

The writing was on the wall with Salman Rushdie, it was enforced with Charlie Hebdo, and with demographics and an establishment cowardice, it isn’t something they now appear to wish to confront.

Another thing regarding the racial side of things is why does the race card only become applied to minorities?

A lot of Sikh girls were raped.

Perhaps the Sikh’s aren’t as vocal in protestation?