UK Grooming Gangs

Yes, why isn’t it racist when the muslims were raping mostly white girls?


They want this problem to go away. The UK is highly welcoming to diversity, and perhaps suicidally so demographically in regard to the sheer quantity of immigrant arrivals. But those that refuse to interact, and instead choose to live out a separate existence could be considered racist themselves. But nobody talks about this. Instead it’s called a Muslim community or perhaps an enclave.

What gets me about the immigrants is that they are almost all Muslim, young and male. If I was migrating I’d do it with my family. Why aren’t the Buddhists coming here?

Getting my wife UK citizenship, and I’m only half way there is a costly, complex and lengthy procedure.

The raping of white young girls by Muslim gangs was an extreme form of prejudice and racism. Our whole correctional institutional services are complicit in the crime.
There has been an almost total blackout. One very vocal opponent to this very issue is Tommy Robinson.

When I first heard of TR, I figured him some racial bigot. he was continually labelled as some far right thug. I began to cotton on that he was a working class guy with Muslim friends who’d grown up and witnessed the change in his home town of Luton. What he couldn’t accept was the rape gangs.

RT has had suspicious tax investigations, unscrupulous charges and imprisonments set upon him. He was notably imprisoned on a silly small charge, but then placed in a radical Muslim prison. He lost 3 stone in weight as he was effectively unable to leave his cell for fear of death, nor could he eat the prison food as the inmates goaded him by informing that it was poisoned. The whole establishment came down on TR and it caused a public backlash.


I don’t think the term was meant to soften. Actually, grooming is a lot more horrific than standalone rape, which could be an opportunistic drug or alcohol induced crime. (Bad enough as that is, of course)
Grooming means a premeditated, predatory, long term action involving recognizing a victim with some form of vulnerability and slowly conditioning and encircling her (or him) until the net is all around them and they don’t see a way out. It is a cold blooded, targeted exploitation of the less fortunate for a lifetime of torture and pain and humiliation.


I agree in the broader sense to which you explain. But I believe it’s how it’s sold to a less discerning public that makes me make the above comparison.
For example which title seems more abhorrent, child groomer, or child rapist?


The problem is the same in all western countries where too many people have mistaken the government for the nation and have lost confidence in their own culture and society. They mistake their oikophobia for noblesse oblige and chivalry towards the poor darkies.

I can see why the SNP is so successful in that they have tapped into a feeling of Scottishness that is deep rooted in a country that has far fewer immigrants than England. But the silly multi cultural p, ant free speech fascist policies of the SNP reveals that they are in a race to destroy Scottish culture before independence comes. Already I see from many commentators the idea that Scottish independence is all about government and not about nationhood. At least in England there are people who understand the difference.

The British Labour Party has fallen into a hole because it really has no patriotism in its soul. It can only represent groups of people. Unlike the US there is not yet a sufficient number of people in England and Wales that love their tribe more than their country.


Fascinating how the control apparatus hijacks momentum and appeals to the better side of human nature. It seems to play guinea pig to it’s population in small incremental steps. It’s only those of us who notice this generational subversion that seem to grasp the gravity of where this projection is leading.

It’s all so diverse Peter that it’s unrecognizable from that principled foundation which was so solid that it allowed for additional building. Sometimes it’s untenable to adapt a thing of great quality, lest you diversify so much that that original thing becomes something that you’d never of constructed in the first place.


As I said above

But it’s still wrong! I mean, even if the actual words of Islam make it a ‘death cult’ which legitimates paedophilia, it may not be the most effective way of countering the worse aspects of it to shout these things, since, obviously, less than 1% of Muslims are terrorists or grooming gang members. I’d advocate two things:

  1. defend the right to say anything about Islam - demand the reinstatement of Tommy Robinson etc.

  2. point out, calmly, that it appears that the massive overrepresentation of Muslims in certain problems - you know, like mass murder and mass child rape - may have something to do with the faith to which they belong

And let the apologists try to answer.
Nazir Afzal: ‘There is no religious basis for the abuse in Rotherham’

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When Kate Elysia, author of ‘No Way Out’, told her publisher that one of her abusers had said “white girls are only there for me to fuck”, and that she wanted to call this ‘racist’, they said that she couldn’t put that in the book, because non-white people can’t be racist, because racism is prejudice plus power. This is in the UK! The toxic sewage of Critical Race Theory has crossed the Atlantic on the Gulf Stream.


The first I ever heard about Muslim grooming was when there was a riot in the Midlands by Sikhs against Muslims. At the time, I just thought it was unfortunate that sectarian subcontinental politics was being imported into the UK. Later, I found out it was vigilante action to deter Muslims from raping Sikh girls, given that the authorities wouldn’t act. After that, the gangs only targeted white girls, calculating that the majority ethnic group is a soft touch.


It would certainly be considered a racial hate crime if white British men were raping non-white girls. This is exactly why the idea of hate crimes is stupid. It’s a one way street.

This further illustrates the problem in many (all?) liberal Western countries with handling crime in minority communities. No one wants to be called racist, so a blind eye is turned or the crime is blamed on systemic racism or something similar. The problem festers and the minority community suffers.

The lack of courage to deal with this crime is actually far more racist than dealing with it fairly and truthfully.


Yes. the Muslim brotherhood wouldn’t wish to highlight another minority ethnic group. They do still rape Sikh girls of course, though only in isolated cases.

What’s troubling is that this raping and grooming continues as we speak. It goes without saying that it is happening in parts of the UK right at this moment. But you wouldn’t think so would you? It may be an issue in Rotherham, or Leeds etc., today, and parents there are undoubtedly vigilant, but it’s not nationally broadcast that this is still occurring. Every so often a case will crop up, there will be a public backlash and it’ll go calm again, until the next time.

Where have all the journalists gone? When did the media start working with government? Isn’t government supposed to be held to account by the voters? Seems getting into a debate that will be wrongly labelled as racist has everybody’s lips sewn firmly shut.

Progressives, and progressives alone, have the authority to say what words mean.


Has anyone read or heard of the book Easy Meat on this? Would be great for Quillette to do a little more on this given the 2020 bullshit Home Office report.

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So basically, yes, it’s been completely sunk and only right wing press are picking it up. Which is not a complaint against right wing press. It’s got literally zero reviews as far as I can see on Australia’s Amazon Kindle page.

If the established authorities are unable or unwilling to protect children from gang rape, then we are dealing with a failed state. Any nation that cannot protect it’s daughters from gang rape is as failed as it gets.

If 1M girls are victims of rape gangs, out of a total population of 67M, then we are looking at maybe 34M females. This rape gang thing is a relatively recent phenomena, so women over the age of 40 and very young girls are probably not included, leaving perhaps 20M females. Of those, about 80% are white, dropping us to perhaps 16M white females.

One out of every 15-20 white girls will be gang raped by Muslim gangs in Great Britain.

How does this not terrify the parents of white girls? Throw a birthday party: one of the girls who comes will be gang raped. Walk into an average classroom. One of the girls in that classroom will be gang raped. Watch a school bus picking up kids for school. A girl on that bus will be gang raped. And one on the next bus. And the bus over there. That bus as well. Yes… that one too.

Where is the fury? Where is the wrath? Where are the fathers and the brothers? Where are the public trials of dozens of rapists getting convicted? For those of you who live in the UK, you might not have picked up on this yet, but you live in a failed state. The difference between the safety of your daughters and those in African boarding schools is that when the girls get taken from those schools, the media covers it and the governments take action. You have less support than that.

I have 4 young white daughters. If I move to Great Britain, I know that statistically there is a 1/4 chance that one of my daughters will be a victim of gang rape. That is unacceptable.


With this going on it is astonishing that fathers and brothers are not routinely slaughtering these pigs. If it were my husband, he would murder everyone one of them. How much needs to break down for these Muslim men to get away with this?

How difficult is it to get a gun in the UK? Somehow I don’t think these Muslim men would be preying on anyone if they knew there was a heavily armed father at home.

And where’s the cultural education? In my rebellious teenage years I was friends with many Muslims. It must have frightened my mother because she told me to never get involved romantically with a Muslim. She made me watch Not Without My Daughter and told me that Muslim men will lie to you until they control you, and they are never to be trusted.


Perhaps this is too obvious, but I must bring up an historic point.

In the antebellum South, it was put out that the womenfolk and children would be at risk if blacks were freed.

During Jim Crow, the same message was pushed regarding blacks with booze or Latinos with weed. Zoot suits were associated with Latino danger to women. Not to mention items like the “rape” of Belgium.

Remember, for decades now, they have taught only superficial understanding of history, and that all speech is about power.

I know, but don’t fully grasp, that those who embrace this idea engage in performative speech, but for said speech to be impactful, it must be taken literally by an observing third party audience. This means these same people view speech or debate as an ideological game performed to sway the sheeple with their ideological opponents who they presuppose to be attempting emotional manipulation on the same metalevel of insincerity.

So, instead of grasping that a threat to vulnerable populations riles people up, they see it as a tactic to motivate racists and dog whistle sheeple for support.

If you like, they see claiming a threat to women/children by X minority group as a game of “spot the black hat twirling his mustache for the sheeple who can’t.” They literally can’t comprehend it might be a literal truth rooted in cultural differences in a severely patriarchal culture where sex is used as a tool of submission over women- in Islam, a women who has sex in those circumstances is a whore/slut regardless of consent and deserves the social shame associated thereof. A “all A are B but not all B are A” situation with a sector of the immigrant population.

The problem is in their conceptual priors- namely that Enlightenment ideals are innate to all humans and what we would trend to without counter pressure- instead of learned


The level of evil in this chain of events is beyond belief. Do not be surprised when the whirlwind rises.

Lower class girls. Divorced, out of wedlock, or dad spends 24/7 working himself to death.

EDIT: Near as I can tell, they are trying to equate the Crusades with slavery- everything Europe has was built by stolen Muslim knowledge or taken as direct loot. So, learn about the Crusades, don’t learn about Poitiers, Vienna, or the Byzantines.

So, much like African American activists claiming that America was built on the wealth of slavery (it wasn’t, that wealth was toasted in the Civil War),l making all American wealth rightfully theirs via reparations, European leftists( who would otherwise be left out) can clutch to their bosoms the self-flagellation of the “unprompted” Crusades- a “rape of the Holy Land” if you like. Bonus points for being able to equate it to colonialism, double plus bonus points for tying it by implication to the modern state of Israel, as if the Kingdom of Jerusalem merely changed names and the Palestinians have been trapped a millenia