Ukraine’s Suffering Shows Culture Warriors What a Real War Looks Like: a Quillette Editorial

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Excellent editorial. Waiting for all the Putin idolizers to start dumping on you, but just ignore them as they apparently don’t have any friends or contacts with Ukrainians or know the language to know how unified Ukraine is to preserve their freedom and resist the invaders.
Free Thought Lives and Free Thought in Ukraine also Lives!


Yes, an excellent editorial. I doubt many people in Ukraine right now are worried about micro-aggressions.


Um, Isn’t having a gripe about the culture wars dominating public attention a tad hypocritical went it’s mostly all you ever bang on about?

Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. Are you suggesting that because we’ve focused on culture war issues in the past - we should focus on them to exclusion of everything else that is going on in the world - in order to be consistent? That would seem ridiculous, in my view.


Just the opposite. I’m saying Q is part of the problem of the excessive priority of the culture wars that has resulted in its dominance of public attention. I get the free speech angle is an essential part of the Q ethos & support that but in my view there’s been a saturation point of articles on culture wars that implies it’s worthy of more attention than it deserves to the expense of other pressing issues.

Hmmm…I read this more as a rebuke of rightie “realists”…those who can see where the Tucker Carlson’s of the world are standing, from where they’re standing.

Sure, Putin is anti-woke…but if you think that makes him your friend, you’ve lost the plot…as quite a few appear to have.

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Has anyone figured out a solution for subscribers who cannot view the paid articles? I’ve tried logging out and back in. Switching from PC to Linux. Different browsers. Nothing works.

I saw several people mention they had this issue on the last paid article. Anyone find a solution?


Well, given that Q has indeed diverted to more pressing issues when they arise, such as war, what would be on your list of more pressing issues? But I have to agree that there is a diminishing return after too many articles about culture war issues. Even when it comes to the culture wars, I myself would be more interested in possible solutions.

I agree. Quillette has always featured stories that range beyond the “culture wars,” especially when a particular issue is dominating the media cycle. That said, I’m glad that it frequently focuses on topics that get short shrift in the mainstream media. (And I’m not saying this just because I’ve submitted a culture-war-related review article for publication that has no connection to the Ukraine crisis!)


I’ll look forward to reading that.

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Bjorn & his crew seem to have come up with quite a few that aren’t getting the attention they deserve…

Nope. Same problem for me. I cannot view the paid articles because I cannot “login”. I figured just having a subscription would be enough. But apparently, it’s not! Alas.


If you are not logged in as @Obamawasafool then who are you logged in as? :slight_smile:

That’s the whole point! I am logged in. But still can’t open those crazy articles…!


Like the last time, for me it’ll open on the phone but not the desktop.

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I wrote to quillette (took me a while to find the correct address) and complained. They fixed the problem. Surprised they haven’t fixed it across the board.

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Great news, thanks!

What is the correct address?

@claire Does seem a lot of us have this issue.

I dunno. Having your apartment bombed out and your neighbor killed by shrapnel pales in comparison to some of these microaggressions. /end sarc/

The running of jet airplanes into the WTC happened a little over 20 years ago. Unlike Putin’s bombing of Ukraine, it happened close to home (in Manhattan, which is only separated from the USA by the Hudson River, not an ocean). Yet at the time many Americans couldn’t draw the conclusion that there are people out there will kill Americans for having so many liberties and destroy America for affording those liberties (and a fortiori they could not admit that a large percentage of those people are practitioners of Islam). Apparently cognitive dissonance and willful blindness are powerful coping mechanisms.