Victoria’s outbreak response a template for what not to do

"Responding to the same crisis, NSW and Victoria have cut different paths. In the eyes of the neo-protectionist “progressives,” the great crime of former premier Gladys Berejiklian was to have a “mockdown”; that is, to err on the side of leaving her people free for as long as possible.

Happily, we got to witness a real-time, real-world example of the many benefits of a proper lockdown in a demographically identical jurisdiction. Its world-leading exponent, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, rolled off the bench to fire low and lay the disease out.

And the evidence is in. When the lockdowns are lined up from day zero, NSW did significantly better than Victoria on every day in both suppressing the disease and in lifting the vaccination rate. There has also been less civil disorder.

It turns out that when you reflexively imprison people they get sick of it. Some take to the streets in protest and, clearly, a great many others just silently disobey the absurd demands of their overlords. When the dust settles on this pandemic and the world assesses how to deal with a future crisis, Victoria will be used as a template of what not to do."


Great comment, Claire, and thanks for highlighting the source. It seems to tie-in with the results from an early Danish study:

Unfortunately, one area of restrictions which was little explored in the West did seem to have positive early effects in reducing virus spread:

We should have shutdown public transport. It was simply too much of an important vector for the virus to ignore, but we did so anyway.