Videos that make you think

This is intended to be an opportunity for people to offer videos that might not qualify for extensive discussion but that people think are still worth a good think.
With the knowledge a channel that’s new and interesting to them exists people will also have the opportunity to seek out other videos from the same channel.

I’ll kick off with:


Here’s an interesting one!

I found this on Jordan Peterson’s Twitter page. Can anyone tell me if I’m supposed to credit Dr. Peterson or anybody else if I copy a retweet?


Michael Shermer interviews Robert Cialdini author of Influence: the psychology of persuasion. Very informative especially regarding what qualities police officers should not be recruited for to avoid past problems. Starts off slow but about 22 mins in it takes off.

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Please mark the year when this was said (2015)…and as the title of this thread says…think.

Interview with Stephen Cohen before the Munk Debate on Russia - YouTube

Cornel West, Judith Butler & Glen Greenwald in conversation re Identity Politics & Covid.

Pure heaven…

Sometimes a good laugh makes you think better :stuck_out_tongue:
Lee Camp: I Know Who the US Will Coup Next! –

ok back to the thinking stuff
How to make a “BBC-style” documentary about Wuhan? - YouTube