Weekly Roundup and the Harassment of Professor Kathleen Stock

Guns, Germs, and Steel is a Powerful Anti-Racist Book. So Why Doesn’t the Left Love It?

It has been 30 years since the publication of Jared Diamond’s first book, The Third Chimpanzee, and it has survived the test of time well. It examines the evolutionary foundations of human behaviours, and, in particular, looks at the differing behaviours of the sexes. In passing, while considering h…

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"she stated “personally I am more than happy to use preferred pronouns for colleagues and students and would consider it rude not to.”

What foolishness on Ms. Stock’s part to think she can permit herself to be manipulated by the “preferred pronoun” crowd, then shut them down when they seek to take the next step. These types are never satisfied. More importantly, they are not rational. So my advice: don’t go along with any of their irrational demands.

Exactly. And “She has also repeatedly argued that transgender people are deserving of full human rights, freedom from harm, discrimination, and harassment.” Actually all people are deserving of these rights and freedoms. There is absolutely no reason to focus on any of these individual groups of whining infants no matter who they are or what their demands are. Poor Ms. Stock apparently thought that since she had first signaled her virtue she would be allowed to stick one toe outside the box of complete subjugation to woke thought and demands.

Or just insist that they use your own totally made-up pronouns. Mine would be cis / boom / bah.

@seanbearly - you have the best avatar. Period.

The thing that intrigues me about the Personal Pronoun game is that it is a 3rd person thing, that only applies if two people are talking about a third person.

How Dare, How Dare you tell me how to talk about you behind your back. If I want to call you a Special Snowflake behind your back, what’s the harm?

God! Why can the activists not get that, more often than not, when these discussions take place, it’s not trans people who are being talked about- but rather a relatively small number of bad actors and sexual predators who can use gender ideology in order to masquerade and abuse with impunity:

For example, there was the Wi Spa incident in Los Angeles, where the Guardian reports ‘Darren Merager’ ‘has been a registered sex offender since 2006 and has a history of previous indecent exposure charges’. Many sources cite the way in which this disturbing incident has been used to enable anti-trans activism- but one wonders how much of this activism was fuelled not by anti-trans sentiments, but rather by concerns that predators are misusing trans identity to shield themselves from scrutiny.

Then there is the case of Karen White, a child abuser who claims she is a trans woman and has committed attacks in British prisons whilst being housed with female inmates. Finally there is the case of Jessica Yaniv whose long history of racist anti-immigrant sentiments no doubt spurred her deliberate and specific targeting of migrant-operated waxing saloons in her efforts to get her male genitalia waxed, with a view to instigating 13 civil suits against migrant Asians. The Tribunal concluded that she had been financially motivated in 10 of the 13 complaints.

This is the problem with ideological worldviews- they empower a zealotry which often backfires against the very groups they seek to protect, allowing them to be tarnished by small numbers of predators and cynical actors who are wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing. There is nothing new about trans, but as an issue, it is one which has only been in the public consciousness for a relatively short amount of time. Other cultures have learned to adapt to trans, but I imagine they did so through clear-headed discussions of nuance and shading, rather than through the ideological enforcement of clearly delineated borders which leaves some on the wrong side of an arbitrarily enforced line, with clearly pathological bad actors free to abuse on the other side of the line.

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