Why Is All COVID-19 News Bad?

See graphics at bottom. U.S. major media looks pretty bad, but Fox looks really bad.


Bad news sells, good news isn’t news.


The mental health impact is tremendous. I find among my friends and co-workers a direct relationship between the amount of TV news they watch and their level of anxiety. Anecdotal, sure, but I suspect it’s true generally.

I hadn’t seen it quantified before. Nice job by the authors.

Add: Many of our neighbors are elderly, they sit inside and watch TV most of the day. Not a good way to go out.


I tend to watch a fair amount on YouTube (although not necessarily news) and spend any TV time watching dramas. I recently rewatched Criminal United Kingdom- what I didn’t realise was that the Germany, France and Spain series had all been dubbed into English. The Germany one is particularly good.


I’d never heard of it. It’s on my watch-list now. Thanks for the tip.

My concern about my neighbors in terms of anxiety & depression isn’t that they watch TV all day, it’s that they seem to watch cable news all day. (Not FOX - I live in Seattle, I’d guess 95% of my neighbors are progressive Democrats. So CNN & MSNBC. And most of them appear to get the New York Times in hard-copy.)


I get The Times in hard-copy. Bit of a difference in perspective between the two though!


One can see the ship of state slowly changing course tho. Just this morning on the CBC – to Canada what Pravda was to the USSR – they were saying that the pandemic will be over in a month and we can all get back to normal. Seems the government should be encouraging us all to get Omicron since it confers protection from Delta and also whatever comes next.


I just read an interesting take, that “Omicron is COVID’s attempt to come to a truce with humans - it gets to replicate, we get to live with it same way we live with colds, stomach flu, and influenza.”

Like those illnesses, COVID is not going away.

Good prose, talented writers, but it seems there’s a bit of lunatics-running-the asylum going on over there:

I imagine that, if you’re an editor, you’re minding your Ps & Qs pretty tightly right now. Make sure your pronouns are prominently displayed!

Cotton was proposing federal troops move in to protect the public in cities where violent rioting was running unchecked. Interesting, these same snowflakes had no problem when troops were patrolling DC for months following the one-day Capitol riots.


Maybe good news would sell - it’s certainly worth a try.


Do you Jimmy Dore @Geary_Johansen2020? I guess it depends what news sources you view. It’s become so bad that you pretty much have to fact check everything you see, and then fact check the fact checkers, and fact check the fact checkers fact checking the fact checkers (rinse/repeat). It seems the more information we have access to, the more reporting seems to be obfuscated, whether by design, omission or error.

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Great news headline. Creds for research!


Yes, I love Jimmy Dore. Basically, I consume any dissenting news site I can find- because it is difficult to avoid the mainstream white noise. Breaking Points. Secular Talk. Jimmy Dore. In the UK TALKradio is good, as is Triggernometry and some of the GBnews stuff- although I tend to avoid a lot of the blatantly Culture Wars pieces with the latter, unless it’s Andrew Doyle or Neil Oliver or a good title. Mercy Muroki can be good as well.

By far my favourite visual source on Covid has been the UnHerd Covid Podcasts. Freddie Sayers really has gone out to book the more credible and exceptional science.


(Movie trailer voice):

“Just when you thought it was over…”

Gah my bad that’s a month old now. Still.

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