Yesterday big Pfarm, today big Oil, zero heterodoxy from Q on both

Wtf @claire I thought your husband was in IT or something. Why is it so hard to stop paying you.

Why can half of the people still not see these subscriber only articles. Why when I go to cancel my subscription does it say I have no subscription. What kind of operation is this? I see you’ve logged in since I made my request to unsubscribe yet here I am making a post with the lame ass Q covering half my avatar (you realize the point of those badges is to distinguish one level poster from another right? It defeats the purpose when 100% of posters must have them–that’s just fuckin stupid).

What is my next payment due soon or something and you’re just holding out for another 5bux? How desperate are you? Cancel my shit right now and fix your goddamned website while youre at it.

Hey here’s some top binary for ya. The truth is often as simple as a GI Joe movie innit?

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Yesterday big Pharm, today big Oil. Zero heterodoxy from Quillette on both.


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